You guys are going to enjoy the next few days.

Don’t hate me, but I am going to spend the next 4 days practicing and playing at Th TPC at Sawgrass, while working with Frank Lickliter to get him back on the Tour.

Frank was so pleased with what I had to say on Monday, he asked me to come down to Jacksonville today to Saturday to work with him on his game.

Not only do I get to play the Stadium Course every day until they close it to get ready for The Players Championship, I get to hit the ball of my choice on the range.

Frank has also graciously allowed me to share with all of you what we are working on and what happens during our time on the course.

His response…”Say whatever you want, just keep it classy.”

Obviously he has forgotten who he is talking to. 😀

The opportunity to get a two time winner back on the tour has me very excited. Here is a little of what went on Monday.

In that time since he has lost his card and struggled with his swing, he got hooked on swingcrack. I was appalled at some of the stories he told me of the comments made by the revolving door of people he had worked with.

He did not realize the cause and effect knowledge I had gained on the swing and how I was able to simplify it during our discussion.

He shot 70 and was waiting around to see if he was in a playoff and we started talking about his swing at lunch.

He was surprised at how I knew exactly what he was talking about and the resulting feels and errors he was experiencing.

He asked me if I would go with him to the range. The next hour was filled with open mouthed looks of surprise of how I knew exactly what he was feeling and what was making him mad and the resulting bad shots. I made a few simple setup adjustments and explained to him why things were happening…how A was leading to B and causing C and so on.

I must have heard the following or something like it a dozen times…”How did you know that? No one has been able to explain that to me.”

Then things progressed. He would say, “This guy would say to do X.”

I would tell him that was no good as it would lead to “Y.”

Open mouth look of surprise and anger.

“That’s what happened!!!!!!”

I am really excited for him. The swing I initially saw Monday didn’t resemble what he won twice with. After a few minor adjustments, it almost immediately looked right and he got the feel and ball flight he hadn’t had in 5 years.

His main issue was his setup had wandered from what worked for him for year. It forced him to have way too much arm lift.

Frank’s swing during his success was based on swinging way left by turning hard and a shot to the left being out of play. He set the club very deep, turned hard and hit a straight ball or cut. His famous pull on 17 at Torrey Pines in a playoff with Phil Mickelson, is what plagues him now.

When he pulls the club left with his hands and not his turn…it’s going left. With his arm lift, the only way he can swing left is too pull the handle. You can’t have all of this happen and still shallow the club properly. Guess how the club shallows when all of this happens.

You guessed it…some of the dreaded EARLY EXTENSION. I would have said he was humping the goats, but asked me to stay classy. Oh look, I already faltered.

He doesn’t need to know any of this nonsense. I got him setup better and he immediately got his hands deeper with less arm lift, turned better, and got shallower…and yes, less EE. There is still some more work to do here.

That is what I am going to watch. He has a one on one correlation through his whole swing. The proverbial domino affect.

Once I get him comfortable in his new (actually old) setup and get him controlling the club with his turn instead (also more left arm rotation) of pulling the handle, you are going to see him win again on the big tour.

I studied his stats. His putting and driving distance has gotten better, but his GIR has gotten way worse. When I fix that…and I will…he will be a winner again.

Working with a world class player cemented my belief that I know what’s going on and what causes swing faults and the resulting bad shots…and how to get rid of them without swingcrack…and obscure cause/affect that few if any seem to realize.

Without taking away from getting Frank back on track, I am going to try and post all of the interesting stuff going on…so stay tuned. Thursday-Saturday should be very active with multiple posts each day that you will find very interesting.




  1. Dave Dunlop

    u %^%$^%^$ playing the stadium course each day! lol 🙂 thats awesome news about frank and helping him. it is amazing how u know so much about the swing and its stuff ive never heard anywhere else. many teachers came up with theories as to why i humped goats but none of them could fix it. the numerous videos on shoulder turn angle have near enough completely fixed my EE. looking forward to the posts and some pics/videos of 17 please!!!

  2. Damon

    Congrats, and very exciting stuff. Do you have a timeline? Does Frank need to go back to Nationwide to get Tour status?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I believe as a former winner on tour, he gets into 10 events per year. Plus or minus a few.

  3. Calvin

    Ahhh, the Stadium Course. I played it four times and actually broke 80 once.The most enjoyable golf vacation I ever had. There may not be a better place to work on fairways and greens. Make it fun Monte.

  4. dasbill

    Looking forward to the posts and progress.

  5. Ron

    Hoping for the best for both of you.

  6. Andrew from Addis

    So no more swingcrack for Frank. Hopefully there will be loads of fascinating blog crac’ for us.

    This is such great news for you Monte – and hopefully for the golf swing everywhere. With three of the last four major winners having natural swings (Not sure about Bradley – just hate watching him anyway), perhaps people will start to listen to yur message.

    Andrew from Addis

  7. Calvin

    I hope Rojoass has copyrighted “swing-crack”.

  8. Colby

    Welcome to Jacksonville. Congratulatios! Wish I could get some of your time while you’re down here.
    Make sure you get some crab cakes from Barbara Jeans and see if he’ll take you for a round at Pablo Creek.

  9. Peter B

    Nice Monte, nice to read you have a new challenge and it is a big one. Goating is a severe out of rhythm thing and I find it hard to get rid of it. Please make videos of the swing as it is right now and how it evolves. Curing a goathopper is really something we want to see. There is not one tourplayer who hops the goat, it simpossible to play long courses well with it. Poor guy must have lost 50 yards from his old swing.
    Watched some PGA tour army stuff he attended and I must say very nice type of guy. polite, calm, humorous. Just the opposite of you Monte LOL

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You would be incorrect. Many your players early extend. Tiger was doing it during the masters. Peter Hanson did it on the shank on 13. Ernie Els does it.

      Probably 10-20% do and it doesn’t always make you lose distance.

      • Peter B

        Alright, so Frank did not loose distance to his former swing?

  10. Robert Johansson

    Not suprised how clueless the pros are in their own swing.
    I would assume it would be the other way around.

  11. Bob Saunders

    Great stuff Monte. And the best may be yet to come!

  12. projectscratch

    Congrats Monte! Can’t wait to hear about how it goes. Hopefully you two will strike gold! And regardless, have fun. P.S. It would be great if you could post L’s swing so we can all see what you two are trying to fix.

  13. Will

    Good luck to both of you. It’s good that someone got to him ho can do more good than harm for him.

  14. HoldTheLag

    Are we going to see a before/after swing video of FLII? Would be the first on Youtube!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Going to try. The before video I have already was after I fixed his setup.


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