This is brilliant

Below you will see a picture of the greatest devices ever invented. I bought it for Frank for Christmas.

It is a golf ball launcher that you attach to an AR-15 rifle.

When we have some time, I am going to pull out my long drive club and Frank and I are going to have a long drive contest.

I will film it and post the video.

Obviously it won’t be for a while, but you have something to look forward to. It will be epic.

I wish him the best as a friend. He has worked really hard and is all the way back physically. The only question is if he has the confidence to be back mentally.





  1. Steve

    They let you buy that in the people’s republic of California?

  2. Jared

    Bad ass!

  3. Hackinator

    I have one that works off the RPG launcher on my SKS…..very intimidating on the first tee


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