Information About How My Golf Clinics Work

There have been several questions asked about my golf clinics. The standard 3 day schools all have the same basic schedule:

Clinic Day 1: 9AM to 4PM 

After meeting everybody, the morning session is a group discussion about the swing using our faults to guide the discussion. Some people don’t think they’re going to find anything of value in learning about somebody else’s faults, but this is the secret to my clinics. It’s actually the easiest way for everyone to proceed and improve. The afternoon session covers all areas of the short game: chipping, green-side bunkers, putting, and specialty shots.

Clinic Day 2: 9AM to 4PM 

The morning session on day 2 is entirely spent working one-on-one with me as we work on your biggest swing flaws. After the previous day’s work, I will have a very good sense of your swing and people tend to make pronounced progress during these sessions. After lunch, each participant gets a Flightscope and Boditrak analysis. We also work on shot-making during this time. During these first two days, several other topics are discussed. This includes things like practice ideas, drills, and mental approaches to the game.

Clinic Day 3: All Day (times vary)

Day 3 takes place entirely on the golf course. I give lessons on alignment, course management, shot making and selection, and discuss various short game scenarios. Day 3 is the most popular day at my clinics, as everybody tends to learn a lot on the course and have a ton of fun in the process.

Who Should Attend my Clinics?

Anybody who wants to get better at golf! Every clinic I’ve given has had players of every skill level, from scratch to people who can’t break 100. Often, I get questions from players in the latter category, concerned that their relative inexperience / skill level might make them a bad fit for one of my clinics. Nothing could be further from the truth! There is nothing about being a high handicap that is going to prevent somebody from having an entertaining and transformative experience at one of my clinics. The environment is entirely supportive and  and having fun is the priority. In general, I have found that having fun creates lower scores and longer drives. The goal I have for everybody in attendance is the same: I want to get you hitting the short clubs consistently and the driver as long as possible. In addition, helping you build a consistent short game is a top priority.



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