2018 Houston Golf Clinic with Hal Sutton

I’m pleased to announce that this year’s Houston Clinic will be hosted by 1983 PGA Champion and Ryder Cup Captain Hal Sutton at his academy at Big Easy Ranch.

It’s a fantastic facility, second to none. They have Gears Golf 3d motion tracking, My Swing 3D, Swing Catalyst, and Trackman, and ProV1 range balls. People talk about my stories. How about Hal’s stories of beating Nicklaus at the PGA and playing and captaining in 5 Ryder Cups? I can’t wait for this.

There is also talk of passes to the Champions Tour Event in Houston taking place the ensuing week.

This should be a wonderful event. Spots are filling up quickly, but there is still room available if you’d like to sign up, just click the button below and make your 100% refundable deposit online:

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  1. Ben Mitchell

    The Ides of April in KC is a bold move. Could be 70 degrees. Could have a foot of snow.

  2. Matt

    Throw a Minneapolis in there!

  3. Mark Lucey

    Need a date for Melbourne Monte.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Can’t set a date until I have at least 8. Have 5.

      • Mark Lucey

        Ok. Well I’m interested but can’t commit until there’s a definite date. I’ll keep watching out.

        • Rolf

          Is London in July full?

          • Monte Scheinblum

            There is room. I sent you an email.

  4. Andy Stritof

    Which is the leading location in Florida? I could probably make either location but if one is close to a tipping point, I can add to it.
    BTW, really getting a lot out of the Use the Bounce 2.0 series.

  5. Ben

    Hey Monte,

    Is the London School held in London in the UK or London Ohio?

    If London UK are there any spaces left?

  6. Dan Alpern

    Can you share details for the Atlanta school April 7-9.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not enough people have signed up yet.
      Been at heritage links in the past.
      Will get facility confirmed when enough sign up.


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