Heat Stroke

For those of you wondering why I WD after playing well yesterday…It was 110* and I didn’t eat or drink enough and got heat stroke.

I was sick all night. Went out and gave it a shot, but I was dizzy and nauseous. Played 3 holes and no go.

It’s a bummer, but I learned not to be a moron.




  1. Gamble Gamble

    Get one of those Yeti canteens. I poured a ice cold gatorade into it and forgot I left it in the sun for the whole round and it was still ice cold after the gruelingly hot 4.5 hour round.

    Solid product.

  2. Paul p

    Glad you are ok! Live to play again another day!
    Quite the opposite from getting sick during the Chicago lessons 🙂

  3. Vincent T

    ya HS is no joke, worst i have ever felt in my life and ive broken lots of bones, ripped muscles etc :). Always hydrate and keep as cool as possible. Hope ya feel better


  4. Paul

    Good move. But an idiot move trying to play in 110 heat .. Saw two guys in Vietnam nam drop dead of heat stroke. But it took a while. If the heat index is 90 I’m not playing

  5. Miles

    I know they look pretty dorky, but hats do help; you were probably wearing one though. Nice round of 70; onwards and upwards.

  6. Tim

    Monte: Hoping you are doing well. Wanting you to achieve your goals. Know that you will prevail. The Champions Tour needs you.

    As a teacher you are incredible. I will always appreciate how you have impacted my game.

  7. coops

    Glad you’re ok – very good thing you withdrew.
    Heat stroke is extremely dangerous – lethal…

    I know I kind of was a bit dismissive about it many years ago when we had to have a safety talk about it when I was working in the Australian desert… but it can and will kill, especially as by the time the worst symptoms show you are in real, immediate danger… check out the link above, but essentially at its worst your body shuts down its normal cooling functions ( like sweating… yup, you stop sweating…) which leaves you to quickly ‘fry’ your brain…

    I live and play in very hot humid conditions in Thailand…. never mind hats, everyone uses umbrellas ( the best have a silver inner lining) as a ‘parasol’, keep the sun off you… and drink water ( and not beer… ).


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