The Old Fat Man Still Has Some Firepower Left.

I played in a few tournaments in the last month and it wasn’t terrible, but not great. I was 4 under for 5 rounds and it wasn’t significantly lower because off the tee, I was poor. The only reason I don’t get an F with Driver is because with only one exception, I kept the ball on the golf course.

…but I was short and crooked.

I was just as poor with 3-wood thru about 5 iron, as well.

The screen shot at the top shows a vast improvement in my golf course swing. I realize it’s way right of where the Flightscope was pointed, but that was where I was aimed on that shot…and a range ball. Thinking 183-185 ball speed with a better golf ball.

The screen shot below shows what all I’ve got is. 😀

I’m off to the UK for 2 weeks to do a school in London, but beforehand, I’m playing 10 or so rounds in 8 days. I am hoping I get things tightened up for the stretch run to Q-School.

In October, I get to play two tournaments on the course where they are holding the first stage.

During my first little foray into tournament play, I showed flashes of excellence through the bag…except off the tee. Oh the irony!!!

Those of you that watched the Vlogs of the Long Beach Open saw I can pitch the ball and am deadly with my Directed Force putter. I just have to get the long clubs to behave.





  1. Ryan

    Chunk! Chunk! Chunk!
    I fully expect you to YouTube the “Truffle Shuffle” if you make it!
    via GIPHY

  2. Neil

    I’ll trade you – personal training for golf lessons. 😀 But you gotta get up early!


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