Directed Force Putter: A Review

About 10 people that I have “directed” have gotten a directed force putter.

Many people ask me what I am getting out of all the praise.

I got a free putter.  Bill graciously gave me the demo that fit me after the golf show was over.

It’s not hype or marketing, like most things in golf are about.

I don’t do, “I promise you 50 more yards,” videos.

My videos are about a suggested easier and more efficient way to do things.

The Directed Force putter is the same thing to me.  Three things kept me off the tour:

1.  I had spouts of crooked driving and couldn’t hit 3 wood.

2.  I couldn’t flight and back off wedges properly.

3.  I fanned the putter to open and to the inside.  This made left to right putts difficult.

The Directed Force putter has helped me greatly with #3.

You can read about technologies and “revealer” and this and that.

Simply put, The Directed Force putter resists path and face manipulation in the backstroke because of the way it’s balanced.

The less manipulation in the backstroke, the less required on the through stroke.

I’m writing this for two reasons.  It’s the best putter on the market…and I like the inventor.

Even if I thought he was a jerk and he made me pay double for the putter, I’d still be saying these positive things.

The biggest complaint is what it looks like.  Get over it!  If someone offered you a car that got 100 miles to the gallon and had 1000 horse power, would you complain very much if it looked like an AMC Pacer?

For more info, check out the site.




  1. "Elvis"

    How about a link ??? Amateur 😜

  2. Mel

    If it weren’t so ugly….

    • Tommy Summers

      If you’re watching the Putter while you’re putting you’re doing it wrong anyway. I game the original after playing a scotty blade for 12 years. I will never switch back. I didn’t even notice it after 4 or 5 holes.

  3. RP Jacobs II

    In answer to your question regarding a 100mpg/1000hp Pacer, I’ll pass 🙂

    Regarding the putter, who gives a s***???

    I’ll be getting one shortly, it’s going to be an early Christmas present to myself 🙂

    Thank you for your assistance on the board and this recommendation.

    Fairways & Greens 4ev÷r My Friend⛳

  4. Andrew M

    I have a DF putter, Monte, and it’s because of you and your recommendations. In fact, it’s for the very reason that I know you don’t do “50 yards tomorrow!” claims that made me pull the trigger. I agree it’s uglier than sin, but you kind of grow fond of it in that “it’s so ugly it’s kind of attractive” sort of way, especially when teammates/playing partners comment on how disgusting it looks, usually before I make a putt.

    It feels weird at first because you try to manipulate it like you would a different putter. Then, you get used to it, and it really makes me less nervous over putts, which for me is all I could ever ask for.

    Great putter. Hope to see your new online platform live soon, by the way. 🙂

  5. Dan W

    I have owned one for a year. I love this putter.

  6. Ingolf K

    As I know this is not new. Seemore has shown that some of their putters are also lie-angle balanced.


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