Don’t Grind the Gears When You Swing a Golf Club

The lower body leading is over taught and a lot of my videos are “feels” on how to start the arms/hands sooner.

This gives people the notion I think the arms/hands should lead and be dominant. That is not correct, I want a proper sequence and everything to do it’s part.

A golf swing is a lot like a standard shift car. The lower body is like the clutch and the arms are like the stick.

What happens when you press the clutch, let it out too fast and try to shift?

(Cue grinding noise)

Now if you try and shift before you press the clutch, that also grinds the gears, but among mid to low handicappers, the first scenario is a lot more common.

I am not telling people to start the arms/hands first, I am trying to get people with the 68 Ballerina issue (earlier blog post) to narrow the gap.

When driving the car, the clutch/shift move is almost instantaneous. It is exactly the same in a golf swing. Just a few hundredths of a second.

The issue in golf instruction should not be what moves first, it should be how to create to proper interval.




  1. Kurt Guldi

    Great analogy….like you always say, you want to be right in the middle….Too little lower body to start, not good…too much, not good either, somewhere in the middle is a safe bet.

  2. coach g

    Harvey Penick I believe had a saying when dealing with these concepts. Take an aspirin …but I didn’t say take the whole bottle..So easy to over compensate into a worse fault…


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