I have a new client




  1. woody

    Way to go…guru.

    Hint: do a lot of listening as well as teaching. And, if it blows up you can write a book.

  2. Bob Saunders

    If you can help right the ship for him, it would certainly put a hyper boost to your teaching business! Good Luck Monte.

  3. north

    Good fortune for him and you.

  4. Peter B

    Yeah keep usposted let us see his swing cant find him on Youtube.

  5. Calvin

    Get you a straw hat and some pants that come up to your armpits and learn how to simultaneously hold on to his thigh and his bicep while he swings. Then draw lines all over some videos and superimpose a mandela on them. Oh and make him swing with a basketball between his knees.

    Monte that guy is a serious talent. I hope you can bring it all out of him.

  6. Mike Z

    I predict that this guy’s ability to make it back will depend entirely on whether you can get him to put in the time and focus to hone world-class wedge and putter skills.

    Given your talent for teaching the swing, I have no doubt he’ll be a menace from tee to green and free up more practice time to spend on the short game.

  7. Calvin

    Ahhh, the Stadium Course. I played it four times and actually broke 80 once.The most enjoyable golf vacation I ever had. There may not be a better place to work on fairways and greens. Make it fun Monte.

  8. QTLAW88

    Congrats Monte!! You’ve got a good handle on simple common sense swing lessons and am glad for you that you’ve found a professional willing to seek your guidance. Good luck to Frank Lickliter (I’ll be rooting for him this week) and to your future. Thanks for sharing!!


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