A little about Frank and his swing

First, this is a genuine and loyal individual who was barely affected by his success. Anyone who says different brought it on themselves.

He is a smart guy, has one of the best putting stokes I have ever seen and knows how to play golf.

The fact he can still be competitive at the level he is (had a chance for a top 10 in Phoenix last year) with the swing he has right now is a testament to that.

The last comment was not in the swing crack context of it having to be perfect…it’s in the context of how good his swing used to be and how much work it is for him to get his desired ball flight right now.

There is no question in my mind when I implement a few things that will make it easier for him, the sky is the limit. I am hoping (expecting) for a Steve Stricker type reemergence.

I already helped his setup and he was thrilled with the results and feel. That was the impetus for him rushing me out to Jacksonville.

There is a laundry list of issues he is having that I am not even going to tell him about. Thirteen issues that I counted, but only two are relevant and will domino affect the others.

More left arm rotation to start the takeaway. He used to do a beautiful job of this when he was playing well.

This one small thing is going to fix 4-5 other things going on in his backswing.

The other thing might even fall into place automatically if #1 happens and that’s being patient in transition. He needs to get the “bump, dump and turn” transition going instead of pulling the handle left.

Next week I will post the original video I took of him on the range Monday that only had the setup adjustment I suggested and I will let fly my laundry list.

Then follow up with after videos.

I am obviously excited for myself to play a great course and help my career…but I can sincerely say that being able to help Frank out is first on my list. I am happy for HIM, because golf is about to get a whole lot easier and more fun.




  1. Andrew from Addis

    Cannot wait to see the videos – pity you did not get a total “before” clip; that would have been very interesting.

    We should start a list of your subsequent potential “victims” 🙂

    Andrew from Addis

  2. woody

    “Thirteen issues that I counted”

    –I started to panic when I read this.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Then you read I wasn’t going to tell him any of it…lol

  3. Calvin

    Hey if you can help him contend/win again who knows what might happen.

  4. The Original Brian

    Congrats Monte.

    But on an unrelated note: fat or push slice shot pattern.

    My best guess is shoulder turn too flat. Any other ideas that create this pattern?

    Thanks as always Monte.

  5. Eric Brown

    Monte are young men who hit it short 240 yards born with that distance? Or if they fix all the faults in there swing will they pick up 30 to 40 yards? Just curious if i fix all my issues if i will pick up 30 yards.. Goat hump is main issue

    • The Original Brian

      You would have to be pretty nonathletic to only get it out there 240 if you’re young. Everyone has slightly different muscle composition so not everyone will hit it the same distances.

      I’m 6’2″ 210lbs and hit a 6 iron 200 yards but I’m never going to hit it as far as Monte did in his prime, even though my swing is probably better than his was and I’m probably in better shape. He just has a natural ability that can’t be taught.

      • Eric Brown

        I didn’t ask how far you hit your 6 iron Brian. I asked if swing issues were fixed if distance would improve.. Thank you though for YOUR input

      • The Original Brian

        So you’re asking if better technique improves distance? The answer is an obvious yes.

        I was trying to answer your question so you don’t need to be a dick about it.

      • Peter B

        It was not Eric being dick about it for sure. I am also not really excited about your shotlength, to be honest I give a shit. A badly working hip is a real length killer. You might also not be interested that I play HCP 5 with a drive length of 230/240 and it’s a real pain to play well with that drive distance on modern courses. Early goat extension is really hard to change, I would say one of the hardest things to change as there is a lot of timing that goes wrong there. Its like learning to throw a ball with the left hand. Some people are born with the right motion. Eric and I are not.

    • Robert Johansson

      Distance is depending on your technique and strength and ability to add speed.
      I was a short hitter, where I now have picked up 4 maybe 5 clubs in distance.(age 48)
      Even Pro´s distances can be increased, added 50 yards to driver and 30y to irons for a +2 handicap player with his current technique by adding speed in movement.

      Technique, relaxed with athletic motion, you can add a lot.
      I know of a 14 handicap who went from 250y to 400y in a year.
      (Jaacob Bowden)

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Don’t make me put you boys in the penalty box…lol.

      Yes, better technique=more distance.


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