Range session 1 last night

We got in about 45 minutes after I landed.

We talked about how his lack of left arm rotation off the ball was causing a chain reaction of ugliness.

Frank is very much a feel and perception player and he didn’t think he was “not doing” that, but once he got a feel for it, it really opened things up.

What made absolute sense to him was how his arms should link up on the downswing. Immediately after we discussed how the right elbow needs to link up in front of the right hip, it all made sense and he began to pure it.

His shift and turn began to control the action. For him the feel is not getting the hips forward or bumping, it’s the right knee getting to the ball before the club.

More importantly it felt good.

It freed up his hips and he went from pulling the handle on every swing on Monday, to now he is only pulling about 1 out of 5.

In his feels, pulling the handle is the arms got too fast. Right now we are feeling out language and interpretation.

He understands his swing very well and how it’s supposed to work and he has been taught some some nasty ideas…and like me, he assumed it was correct and lost his feel for what’s right for him.

I know exactly what he needs to do. He now trusts that I know what I am talking about and he can implement things immediately. The only possible failure is my inability to communicate things to him properly.




  1. Ron

    “I know exactly what he needs to do. He now trusts that I know what I am talking about and he can implement things immediately. The only possible failure is my inability to communicate things to him properly.”

    AHH! The art of teaching, getting the right interpretation for what is said.

  2. woody

    “Left arm…right elbow…hips.” Well, you know a lot more about teaching than I do, but I’ll tell one one crucial element that your system lacks, at least in the blogsphere.

    It lacks a swing. It’s like your buddy Wally says about getting hands high. Shoulder turn does nothing to get the hands even waist-high.

    It there’s a swing, you don’t have to worry about left arm rotation because it happens with the process of swinging.

    People think they swing their arms with their arms…but there’s more to it. I don’t know what works for anyone else, but I want to get things moving with my chest (left pectoral is attached to upper arm). That’s a bigger muscle than left shoulder, and it has more leverage. When you SWING, your body understands that it has to clear out of the way, which involves glutes, back, and other stuff, without thinking about it. Your body will balance, support, and enhance that swing without micromanaging, and it will move to a cocked & loaded configuration for the downswing.

    And the left arm will turn without thinking about it. Starting down? Better think of something else. Hogan had some good insight on it, though misleading.

    On Tour, I see everyone starting with a pull, and for me left pectoral is the thought, letting everything else stay in the background. If you were a leftie, it would he here.


    • Calvin

      Good Woody. If you lift with your arms you are lost.

    • 4theloveofthegame

      There was a post in this blog before by Mr.S which focused on the lat instead of on the pec, or on the doer instead of on the poser….pull vs. push was discussed there2.
      But that is what is so great about the golf swing and the challenge of understanding let alone of teaching it. If this image works for you, great, and please don’t hold back communicating it, in the subjunctive IMHO, as it might work for and help a ton of other people. But it does not mean that it’s scientifically correct or “a secret”, and it does not mean that it will work for everyone- if Frank’s right knee thought does it for him (Robert Baker btw- did not work for me), on the basis of Monte’s setup adjustments and maybe or maybe not of that other forearm idea, then so be it.
      I love that approach of finding those 13 flaws, of not telling him about them!, and of focussing on the one or 2 that might eradicate the other 11 to 12 instead and of only trying to communicate those 1 or 2 to the player until he/she gets it in his/her language/picture/feel instea dof in the teacher’s one.
      I think that with a (very) good player that approach does not constitute a band-aid but wisdom, but it requires mutual TRUST and with most amateurs this issue and approach might have to be different of course, depending on the severity of the flaws. I would be interested wich m&%(“) Frank saw b4 Monte btw….

  3. Peter B

    Motion picture please!


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