Just finished playing the stadium

Frank is thrilled as am I for him. We played in some pretty severe wind. At least one club and often a cross wind.

He shot an easy 70 and that included back to back bogeys on the back 9.

Frank plays his best when his balance points are more toward his heels and he has gotten out to his toes. I will post a video later of his drive on 14. You will see his hips are too far under and that gets him all out of whack.

His swing works best when he has lots of bend at the waist and very low hands at address. The video I will post is a vast improvement from what I saw Monday, but it got even better the last 4 holes after he hit a poor drive on 15, I got him to commit even more to what we are working on.

On 17 and 18, he hit 3 of the finest shots you will see in the cross wind conditions.

I will also post a video of me on 17 hitting a perfect shot that flew about 2 feet too far and didn’t come back down the hill to the very front pin.

I was struggling a bit and Frank spotted something wrong with my setup. My eye line was way too far right. I was probably 4 or 5 over after making double on 10. I played the last eight holes 4 under including an eagle on 16.

I have had this issue for a long time and didn’t even know it. Not something I can see myself with a video, but someone who actually knows that they are looking at should see it immediately.

BTW-Frank’s swing thought of getting his right (trail) knee to pass the ball before the club is a great thought many of you should try. In other words, the right knee goes toward the target.




  1. Peter B

    The right knee to the ball is from Hogan. Just saying.

  2. Calvin

    What’s really great is that you are helping each other.

    Right knee to the ball; that can get you out to your toes
    and hips under. I went through a goat humping shanking
    spell doing right knee to the ball. I don’t think you really
    mean “to the ball”, more like “even with the ball”.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I reworded it. Not at the ball, driving to the target past the ball.

  3. Calvin

    Eyeline right of target. Dayum. I checked and mine are about 30 deg right of target.
    Adjusted with some backyard pitches and got really nice little groupings. Thank you!
    Who knew? I think the stance slant makes me want to lay my head over.

  4. Peter B

    You two are having fun that’s really nice to see.

  5. north


    The swing thought of right knee going towards the target before the club only works if the right elbow is already in front of the hip, correct? Bump, dump, then kick in the right knee would be the sequencing, or am I missing something?


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