Yesterday afternoon

After our 2 hour and 30 minute round, we had lunch, played some Xbox and went out to the best practice facility I have ever seen.

We worked on 70 yards shots and putting.

What follows is what my blog is all about and what many of you who post comments often miss when you disagree with me.

On his putting he was getting a small amount of arm separation in both the back and through stroke and he hated it. He asked me how I thought he could get rid of it.

What ended up happening was I explained to him that you don’t pivot when you putt, but your chest still has to move. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. I pointed to the buttons on his shirt and said the buttons aren’t moving even though your shoulders are and it’s making them work independently. He immediate knew what I meant and he made eight thirty footers in the next 15 he hit when we had a putting contest…I lost.

On the 70 yard wedge shots he was hitting them decent, but his feel was terrible. I said several things to him and he hated all of them and hated how it felt even worse.

I finally said, “Wait till your right elbow passes your right hip, then turn your chest left of the target.”

That was the exact same thing I tried to tell him the first 10 times I said something, but this one made sense to him. I kid you not, he hit 19 of the next 20 within 6 or 7 feet to a pin tucked over a bunker. The other one was about 12 feet. This is not a range green. It’s a perfectly manicured green that is better than the greens on any course I play.

More importantly he was giddy with a feel he had not experienced in 5 years.

So often I make a blog post and I get people disagreeing with me, then make my point interpreted though their own feels. Two weeks later, I say the same exact thing in a different way and the same people who disagreed with me the first time tell me…”This is probably your best post ever.”

My lessons with people at every skill level get the same treatment. I say the same thing in as many ways as I can think of, until I see the lights go on.

I predict Frank will have a top 10 finish on the PGA tour this year…and that is not his ceiling that is his floor.

Stop and think how well I have predicted Tiger’s play and that I predicted majors (plural) for Bubba.




  1. woody

    “I finally said, โ€œWait till your right elbow passes your right hip, then turn your chest left of the target.โ€

    –Here’s what’s almost an iron law of golf: if you’re not doing well, almost any change you make will seem great…at first. It takes you out of your usual mistakes, but you’ll groove a new set of mistakes to go with your new swing thought. Having a swing thought that’s too specific is like waving a red flag at the Golf Gremlins, and saying, “Come and get me”!

    Once you know how your body works and how it should feel, the trick might be to get fewer swing thoughts instead of more. Until all the specific swing thoughts are gone, the basic knowledge has become habitual, and you’re just reacting to the ball and the target (which may be how you want the ball to start…but that’s another subject).

    I’m thinking that’s when he’ll get his top 10.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I disagree on both counts.

      But I will answer this. We have narrowed down 10 bad thoughts he had to that one.

      • Calvin

        One thought to replace ten? I’ll take one of those.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        And it was designed to get him back to his natural swing. He told me where he wanted to be and I helped him get there.

  2. north


    Tell it to Nicklaus – he stated he had an armory of swing thoughts from which he chose the right one for the day while doing his warm up. It may be zen like to think of playing without swing thoughts, but arguably the best golfer of all time used them.

    • woody

      Well, I don’t have the exact Nicklaus quotation, but it was close to this:

      “I can play great golf with no swing thoughts. I can play good golf with one swing thought. I can’t play golf at all with more than one swing thought.”

  3. Colby

    Is Frank playing The Players?
    Would love for him to make some noise and see you behind him at the range with a video camera or iPad and your top button buttoned.
    Congrats! Hope you and Frank both have success with this partnership.

    • Dave Dunlop

      Id rather see him standing behind him fliming in his t shirt and cargos haha


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