Have seen a few comments and emails

Asking why I told Frank certain things, specific swing thoughts, etc.

It’s this simple. Frank told me where he wanted to be andI knew how to get him there. I said the same thing to him several different ways. As soon as he got the right feels and results, that’s what we went with.

That’s how you help someone at that level. They tell you what they want and you help them get there.

If they can feel right and get the right results…what is correct is completely meaningless.

He hit 14 greens today, had a bad putting round for him and shot 68.

If I put OB stakes on the left edge of every fairway and 30 feet left of the pin, he would not have had one penalty.

He has been missing 3-5 shots per round left and it’s killing him.

One miss left in 36 holes so far.




  1. Robert Johansson

    It that easy actually.
    They tell you where to go and you get them there.
    I often feel like a taxi driver de niro style 😉

    yea OB and shooting 68 now is way more fun.

  2. mike

    Monte, that setup of yours wont get u on sunday very far, get bigger…


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