Wow, just wow.

In this thread there are so many posts, and some of them very arrogant, from people who just know what is right.

Then there are the people who are actually right being told they are wrong…lol.

The problem is so much of the information Golfers are listening to is from the most arrogant people. The loudest, most cock sure.

The more I know, the more I realize how much I have to learn.

Every lesson I give, every thread I read on Golfwrx and other message boards, and every time I watch golf on TV, I learn something new…even if what I learn is how much Pete Kostis has to learn. Sorry, had to. 😀




  1. woody

    There might be some good players with an early wrist cock, but I can’t think of any. Ryan Moore seems determined to dump his early wrist cock. Probably, it helps his short game a lot.

    If you do something with the wrists, it creates tension in the arms. Just about every good swing I see looks like this, with the wrists cocking naturally: (Rory)

    I don’t think you have to micromanage your wrists unless you’re trying to micromanage the club. (I’m a “do-something-with-the-body” guy, not a “do-something-with-the-club” guy.)

  2. Roy Gilley

    I’ve been trying hard to come up with a list of golf fundamentals; things that must be done and on which everyone could agree. I came up with: you must 1. hold the club by the handle and 2. swing the club in a way that causes the club head to move the golf ball. What else is fundamental (and not just a preference)?

    Almost all aspects of a golf swing are a matter of preference. The key is to find and learn a combination of preferences that work.

    Monte has a combination that not only works, but allows him to hit his tee shots farther than almost anyone. Is that a gift or can it be taught?

    • Robert Johansson

      hold the club, position for down swing, release.
      As far added 55 yard to someone like that and more is coming.
      tour level player is around 330y or so.
      adding distance is easy.

      there is no reason anyone wouldnt be a 300y level of golfer.

  3. Andrew from Belgium

    That thread really is the ultimate cock-up 🙂

    Brings us back to the simple video you did going half way back and half way through with a nice smooth rotation of the arms.

  4. blacksox

    Early wrist cock? wow, Isao Ioki was as smooth and fluid as anyone who ever played the game. Guess again!

  5. blacksox

    Just a quick question, if you have not developed basic fundamentals and can strike the ball solid, how are you going to have any fun and experiment with different patterns and styles of how to swing? Isn’t the idea of golf to constantly be in a process of learning and refining what you can do with the ball??????????

  6. calvin

    yechh. Headache.

  7. blacksox

    Take some advil and then quit the game……it will do wonders for your headache!

    • calvin

      Maybe don’t need the advil

  8. Mike Divot

    Moist of the guys in that thread are so f***ed up it’s a wonder they can address the ball lwithout falling over.

    The wikipedia entry for “paralysis by analysis” is just a link to that thread.

  9. Mike Divot

    So that’s my problem! I never had a gate hinge strapped to my arm!

    “How does my plane look?” “Am I on-plane at P2?” These guys that obsess over plane are really asking “does my ass look big in this swing?”

    The notion of “swing plane” is evil and golf instruction would be better off if it had never been heard of thought of.

    • woody

      Er, you just don’t get it. You keep the shaft parallel to the swing plane until hands are waist high, and then you jump the club up to another parallel plane.

      I think this shift between the 1st shaft plane and the 2nd shaft plane should be called the “grey zone” or something…because the shaft is momemtarily not on the 1st plane, and it is not yet on the 2nd plane.

      I’m starting Grey Zone Golf (for everyone except Kuchar) to let people know how long to be in the grey zone, and when to come out of it, and what the club should be doing during that interval.
      i (4:46) swing shaft plane explained

      • Mike Divot

        More complication. Just what golf instruction needs.

      • Mike Divot

        My god, I just watched thqt video and it is the most misguided and fallacious thing I’ve seen in a long time.

        It proves my belief that there really is no such thing as the swing plane. It’s a mirage.

      • woody

        Mission accomplished. See, maybe it’s like Monte says. “Golf lost something when it lost the takeaway.”

        The 1st “plane” is simply reflective of the takeaway…one-piece, triangle…whatever.

        Maybe the second “plane” is reflective of the “w” word that we can’t use here…(but which Hogan and Bobby Jones used).

  10. jaybee

    The funny thing is that most comments here are just as arrogant and know it all as the ones in the thread. Must be a golf genetic thing.

  11. blacksox

    Grey Zone Golf……..excellent! I had a friend who wanted to write a book called “The Big Ass Move”…..the theory was let the club find the slot with a Big Ass Move! lol


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