Froward shaft lean

This is yet another result that people pursue directly.

I will repeat this again. The swing has to match and the body tries to create a match in spite of our stupidity.

The problem is with all of this stop action video, people aspire to these pretty positions when the movements leading up to that position don’t match…it will produce something that monkeys throw at each other in the zoo.

Everyone wants forward shaft lean because that’s how you “compress” an iron. Boy have I learned to hate that word. Even more than the phrase, “I am out of Mydol.”

The body purposely throws away the forward shaft lean because of something that happened before. Things like long backswing, upper body getting in front of the ball, path too far from inside, rear elbow trailing rear hip, etc.

Guess why, because if forward shaft lean existed in any of those situations (other than possibly long swing in which it’s thrown away because of lack of speed), the result is likely going to be a shank.

In addition, all of the cures for the infamous cast involve steepening the shaft to create false lag, steepening the angle of attack, etc.

Let’s look at two of these examples. The upper body getting in front of the ball and path too far from the inside.

When your upper body gets in front of the ball, that steepens out the angle of attack. The body senses this and without you knowing, throws the angle away in order to shallow the angle of attack and prevent you from breaking your wrists. Guess what happens if you practice holding the lag by hitting into an impact bag without fixing the upper body movement?

A path that is too inside out will have a clubface that is pointed well right of the target line. The body senses this, stalls and flips the club. Guess what happens if you do some float loading, lag holding, shoving the hands out in front of you drill mechanism to create forward shaft lean? Face gets even more open to target line and shaft steepens, body stalls and flips more creating a bigger hook…or worse, early extends and shift the path even farther right.

Yet again, you can’t zero out a position because stop action video of good players tells us that’s where you need to be.




  1. calvin

    Very smart. That should go in your book.

  2. Mike Divot

    Yeah, but in my collection of Hogan porn (you might know it as “Five Lessons” or “Power Golf”), there are PICTURES of Saint Ben with shaft lean, holding the lag, etc. What’s a guy to believe?

    Poor ol’ Ben would be appalled to see the state of golf instruction. Five lessons, sheet of glass …. These things have killed more golf games than Square to Square and X Factor combined. It would kill him if he weren’t already dead.

  3. blacksox

    Obviously there is a rhythm and flow past impact……and if you have a solid foundation…….if you know how to dynamically create space…….know what to do with the club and the club face in the hitting area……….you might be able to have a conversation with Hogan if he was in the mood. If you would talk about forward shaft lean without these things I would expect Hogan to become violent and pissed off. If you asked him twice about it, he might suffer an aneurysm! lololololol………..and if Hogan were to take a lesson strapped up to a K vest or other motion sensing equipment then had to listen to Kostis and Breed on a rampage………I agree Mike, instant death! lololloloolololol The bottom line is to work on the appropriate thing and simplify it.


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