I’m dumbfounded

I correspond regularly with many of my students.

I usually work with people on one, possibly two things if one of them is a setup issue.

Golfers have a laundry list of things they think of. A plethora of putrescence, if you will.

What I was unaware of was when I tell someone to work on a simple thing or two, they add it to their laundry list!!!!!!!!

Take your laundry list and eliminate all but the most important one.




  1. Andrew from Belgium

    You might call it a plethora of putrescence but of course the keen pupil will translate that as plenty of possibilities 🙁

  2. blacksox

    What ever happened to shutting the F up and just trying simple moves that your instructor shows you how to do?????? just curious

  3. blacksox

    The reason why you have a laundry list is because you ignore the simple things and start working on things that you are not ready for. Keep it simple and stop trying to get bargains on lessons. Find a quality instructor, hand him $5,000 in cash and then meet him once a week and work on simple fundamentals. If not…….well, Tide is on sale at wal-mart and use plenty of oxy clean.

  4. calvin

    It’s because golf is so simple and I am so smart and I am so close to the secret.

  5. blacksox

    wow……its OK to admit that you are completely lost……thinking that golf is simple and that there is actually a secret. A secret to what……..?

  6. gorddard

    The only tangible feedback we get from swinging the club, (forgetting trackman, high speed video paralysis and plane lines up the ying yang) ,is where the ball goes and how it gets there. Unless we get instant results when trying out a new thought, feel or move, our knee jerk reaction is to throw it out and try something new.

    A unique thing about golf is that anyone, from scratch to +20, can go out onto a course and play a single stroke as well or better than anyone in the world could at that time, it might be a 5 foot downhill slider, or a chip to within 10″. It’s that one shot that makes this game so addictive. The typical Amatuer spends their entire time trying to replicate that single stroke rather than trying to eliminate there 30+ chunks, shanks and duffs. The typical Pro, spends their entire time trying to eliminate the one or two things that might cost them 1 or 2 strokes a round.

  7. bobs34

    While I still read this blog everyday, I haven’t replied in awhile because about 6 months or so ago, I did find the secret for me to hit good golf shots pretty consistently. That was based on a post Monte did about how he felt when he hit a great drive getting ready for one of his long drive competitions. At the time, I thought it was a sequencing thing but I’ve since relaized that what I actually figured out was how to rotate my body and swing my arms so that my head doesn’t move very much. To me, that’s the secret to hitting good golf shots; a free turn & swing that allows your head to stay fairly still. Nothing less, nothng more, pretty simple….

  8. Jason

    I try and think of a ton of things when I practice…AND NOTHING WHEN I PLAY.

  9. willbangor

    Super post. Really cleared my head!!



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