I spent time with Frank yesterday morning using the Tour’s Trackman. It showed me I know what I am looking at, help Frank understand I know what I am looking at and boy do I wish I had $30,000 to have one.

I don’t need it to make people better, but it makes things easier and corroborates what I tell people.

I also got to see that my hard work has payed off. My path with Driver went from almost 10* in to out, down to about 3*…and my path is almost neutral on wedges. No wonder the ball is actually starting to go where I am looking.

There was a funny moment. Frank saw my numbers. They were better than his and my spin numbers, launch angle and ball speed matched perfectly. He said, “With numbers like that, you should be better. I know you have a short game, you just must be stupid.”

So my response…”Well how dumb does that make you that your are listening to me?”

His response…”Desperate.”




  1. woody

    Trackman was introduced on Tour 2004. Average fairways hit 64.30%

    In 2012 it was 59.48%. There could be other factors, although average driving distance was virtually identical (actually a yard longer in 2004).

    Just by looking at the numbers, I’m not seeing how Trackman revolutionized anything in a good way.

  2. markmchx

    loved the banter 😀

  3. Robert Johansson

    Trackman is for fun.
    Many use it to practice with it but the game of golf is about golf and not trackman.

  4. blacksox

    Track man…not revolutionary? How about the dismissal of Dr. Gary Wiren’s theory of ball flight laws? or is the earth still flat?

  5. Miker

    Have you checked out Flightscope, it’s about half the price of TM?

  6. Daniel Eason

    Try a swingbyte…


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