Slow play is ruining the game.

I know I have ranted about this many times, but it is ridiculous.

I played twice this last weekend. On Saturday, it took us 4:30 to play 13 holes.

It’s Sunday as I am writing this. We teed off at 9:54. It’s 11:54 and we are waiting on the 7th tee.

It’s not bad golf, it’s people who spend too much time perfecting their move, being fitted for equipment by a $30,000 launch monitor, grinding on pre shot routines, reading putts from every conceivable angle, yardages down to the nanometer…and not enough time on leaning how to actually play the ******* game.

Off to Florida to see Frank.




  1. Mel

    You have to tee off in the darkness on the weekends (at least on public courses). First off at 7:15, finish at 10:50.

    • Stampa

      Yep, that is if they don’t jam someone out the back side in front of you

  2. Jimmy B

    To many people playing from the wrong tees. You should have to have qualified to get to the tips by playing with a pro who signs the card. In Norway you need a green card from a pro that says you are ready to play on the golf course.

  3. calvin

    I would walk off the course.


    Course should toss them, what’s worse for business slowing everyone up or pissing off a single group?

  5. calvin

    A foursome can shoot in the 100’s and play in 3 hours.There is simply no legitimate excuse for slow ass bastards.

  6. Tom McNamara

    We played a week ago last Saturday and the guys in front of us would stand in front of the green and figure out their score and mark their card. By the 6th hole I just wanted smash at ball at them! Well, I’m not that guy, but after about 2 minutes of waiting, I yelled “REALLY”! They moved, but didn’t play any faster and didn’t let anyone play through. Marshall just apologized for their play. 5 hours later, the round was over.

  7. jaybee

    And that in the land of cart golf….

  8. blacksox

    As soon as the USGA recognizes the problem and then enforces it with a national campaign to license golfers to tee off before noon, the problem will never be solved. Its sad and incredibly depressing that slow play keeps good golfers from having a good time on the weekends.

  9. blacksox

    Especially in your situation where you have to wait for people to hit 3 shots before you can tee off……….lol! But seriously, the only way to fix the problem is to charge a fee to become certified that you can play in under 3 hours. Doesn’t anyone want to play 36 holes on Saturday and Sunday before they have to go back to work on Monday?

  10. blacksox

    And since you mentioned slow play, when are the tour officials going to enforce slow play on that GONG SHOW?

  11. Cyd

    I played on Saturday and the course was wide open and it still took a little over 5 hours to complete the round.


    Because the numskulls I was playing with had to search for every ball they mishit no matter how far in the woods or no matter how deep the cabbage it went. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, once they found a bunch of balls in the weeds it was game on as they felt the needed to find each and every damn ball that 50 million people before them had lost. And don’t even get me started on fishing the balls out of the creeks and ponds.

    That kind of thing drives me crazy and slows up play and I hate playing with people like that. If you can’t figure out that the ball you just hit is so far or deep in the shit that you need to just drop one and move on then you are too stupid to play this game.

    • Tim

      I quit playing with a couple guys who would do this. Not only were they slow, but they’d show up with three balls between them and hit two of them out of bounds on the first tee. They would then have to go looking for balls in order to keep playing. Eventually a friend and I just left them behind in the middle of a round while they were digging in the bushes with a foursome on the tee waiting. I haven’t heard from them since.

    • blacksox

      If PGA pros had common sense, they would hire competent Rangers/ Marshalls and hand out free top-flites and slazengers and enforce 4 hour rounds of golf. If players wasted time on the golf course, he/ she could hand out free coupons for the driving range and then make money by teaching these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this idea ludicrous,,,,,,,,,have I lost my mind? Whatever happened to recognizing the problem and proactively providing a solution?

  12. Michael Lewis

    For weekend play, I only hit the range during ‘in season’ because the play is so slow. Desert weather 100 to 115 degrees coming up. Looking forward to those 2 hour rounds and having the course to myself.


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