Will have some great new videos after Jan 1

Taking a little break from posting. I’ll repost some old posts that were popular in the next week.

After the first, I’m going to film some new videos that will be helpful to many.

Happy Holidays.




  1. Calvin

    Happy New Year Monte.

  2. Tom McNamara

    Happy new year monte! I’m on leave and golfing every day this week and slowly getting better. Once I have a video worth watching, ill post it up. So far I’m floating somewhere between “I got it” and ” not quite there”! Lol

  3. Mookie

    I’d like to see a video on what youd call Ideal (or at least acceptable) setup positions. So many of your suggestions on golfwrx to myself and others is to bend over more at address. I’ve read over what you say are the results of standing too tall at address, but I think it might help many of us if you can show us. Happy new year!


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