Who invented the “Lawnmower pull” takeaway?


I saw at least a half dozen on this trip who specifically did this on purpose, thinking it was correct. For those that aren’t familiar it’s the idea of taking the club away as if your trial arm was starting a Lawnmower.

Let’s make a list of all the good things that does.

Gets you too inside off the ball
Creates a narrow takeaway
Gets the right elbow behind the right hip immediately
Gets the left arm pinned across the chest

I’d get into the residual effects of how the body reacts, but the internet doesn’t have enough bandwidth. It’s one thing to not be clear and have people misinterpret a move. It’s something else when doing that move perfectly is the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do.

“There’s small choice in rotten apples”…and “I shall not budge an inch”




  1. Jake G

    As far as I know, Jim Hardy is responsible for this analogy. I remember at one point when I was lost and searching for any sort of golf advice I could try, I was guilty of attempting this move after reading his book. Probably one of many reasons that I was way too inside off the ball, right elbow behind my hip, and left arm pinned lol. It never did feel right to me and I stopped using this feel shortly after. Just another example of bad advice that leads to further frustration for the average golfer

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Now you guys know why I stopped reading and studying other people’s theories.

      I’d get too pissed.

      • Jake G

        This is also why your becoming more and more popular with every stop on your east coast tour. Someone finally giving advice that is solid and on point, yielding improvement in peoples games

      • Don Lissen

        It might not be a totally bad thing if you confined yourself to people who can actually play. Whether it’s Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus, Moe Norman, Paul Azinger,George Knudson, Craig Stadler, Fred Couples, Ben Hogan…they all have probably got a good way of communicating ONE part of the game or swing (except Tiger Woods).

        Then, when you dig it out of the dirt, a light bulb will got off, and you’ll say, “Oh, THAT’s what he meant”!

        The trick is to actually see it coming out of their mouth, or have a very trustworthy source. If you read their books, most of them were probably written by John Andrisani.

  2. SeanB

    yep, it was Hardy in the Plane Truth for Golfers.
    It was the “one plane backswing” move.
    When I was lost down the rabbit hole, I read that book, and the Master Class one.
    It literally took years to undo the damage that whole ‘one plane swing’ experiment did to me.

  3. eric

    Some old guy at the range yesterday was trying to get me to pay him 60 for a lesson..
    He said he teaches a swing from some guy named Count Yogi lol
    Said count yogi had more hole in ones than anyone in history..
    Anyways he gave me a free sample and told me to do the lawnmower backswing.

    He said no turning just pull and push the shoulders .. Think I bruised a rib and slept like $hit from the injury

    • Calvin

      Count Yogi was a great trick shot artist from the Snead/Hogan era.
      He wrote an instruction book but probably never heard of a lawn mower method. You can watch him online and he’s a lot of fun.
      His teaching method was brief and simple.

  4. Dave

    The other place I have heard this is from instructors trained in the Golfing Machine.

  5. Calvin

    Yeah, when I read it I went out in the yard and pulled the lawn mower cord. It didn’t make any sense for a golf swing at all. Discard.

  6. Michael C.

    Wow – and this guy is a ‘swing guru’. He’s actually made a living selling books and teaching this….this….stuff.

    The golfing community can be so obsessive about their swings that they grab onto anything. The Human Factor is what I call it. It would be a great topic for a Monte rant and we’ve all been guilty. ie…a man goes to the doctor and the doctor says “take two of these every four hours”. The man goes home and figures if two every four hours is good then four every two hours must be great…..ER report….patient had stomach pumped.

    Bad swing fixes are bad and we know it but often try it anyway. Sadly, when we find something that works, we often overdo it.

    I apologize, Monte. This is your rant not mine.

  7. chris mcveigh

    uggh lawn mower pull

  8. Yelnik McGwawa

    You all have misunderstood the analogy of the motion all too literally. You don’t just simply pull the club to the inside! Assuming you can take the proper posture, alignment and grip – the wrists hinge UP and the right elbow gradually comes back towards the hip as the left knee kicks in and the body COILS! Talk to your local PGA teaching professional!


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