The “opposite of bad” golf instruction.

If you cast, hold the lag.

If you arm lift, low and slow.

If you over rotate, restrict hip turn.

If you come over the top, swing to right field.

If you get quick, slow down the backswing and pause at the top.

…and on and on.

These are well known fixes for these ailments and as I have said, the opposite of bad is not good. The opposite of a communist is a fascist.

These cliche fixes are the equivalent of telling someone who aims too far left, too feel like they aim too far right. Guess where that ends? Correct, aimed too far right.

Shouldn’t the fix be to learn to aim correctly?

Shouldn’t the fix be to eliminate why the cast happens, or turning the hips freely at the proper angle so they don’t over rotate?




  1. Jake Gilmer

    Makes way too much damn sense to me to be a part of mainstream golf instruction

  2. Woodie

    Sometimes this blog is like a Victoria Secret catalog….not enough to help….just enough to get you thinking. I practice at a goat ranch in Nor Cal where older gentlemen sits in a director chair and teaches a stable of golfers. Not even a PGA Pro, teaches Mike Bender method. Does it work? One of his students, “shut faced” player that Kostis says is not good, missed a 6 foot putt last week to shoot 58. Settled for a 59. Go figure. Shine the. Light instead of cursing the darkness.

    • Michael C.

      Einsteins definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, ergo, if you always slice, live with it or do something different. Change something.

      If you want to know everything that happens in the golf swing, I suggest a website with an instructor named Kelvin Miyahira. You can find it at He has several articles under speed training. He has video of numerous PGA touring pros at something like 3000 frames per second. He analyzes every micro move by the longest and shortest hitters, but be warned, its very technical. If you don’t have a degree in physical therapy, it can be a tough read. Its amazing the moves the body makes in less than 3 seconds and they’re mostly natural athletic moves, albeit unique to that individual.( I wonder if Kelvin has children. Can you imagine toilet training? Explaining internal and external hip rotation to go poo poo on the potty).

      Then go to Monte’s youtube channel. Check your ego (everybody has one)and open your mind. Monte explains the swing in terms that can be understood and why these bad golf cliches, although usually well intended, lead to poor swings. Then, go dig it out of the dirt (had to throw a cliche in).

    • Don Lissen

      “Mike Bender method. Does it work?”

      –I’d never heard of him, but if you search Youtube for “Mike Bender golf,” he’s got a buncha videos.

      My guess is that, no, it doesn’t work. The reason is that the videos indicate that he has a fixation on what the club is doing. The club is always responding to what the body does, not the other way around.

      The club disappears as soon as the backswing begins, so the golfer has absolutely no feedback about what the club is doing.

      Possibly a pro could learn something from this instruction…IF he had a full-time guru to observe and give him feedback. But a pro ALREADY has a pretty decent swing. An amateur? Maybe not.

    • Duncan

      Woodie, Monte doesn’t need defending, he’s plenty big and good enough to handle himself even with a dud shoulder. But for the record, I ended up here at the blog through his YouTube videos, which do indeed shine the light. Now I work with him as an online student and my swing is getting better and better. The deeper I go the brighter the light. Frustratingly Monte practices what he preaches. He doesn’t “fix the cast” so much as put you in a position where there is no cast to fix. “Lag” to me is now just correct grip pressure and a good wrist set. “Coming from the inside” is now a simple controlled body turn with the club in the right place prior. I used to hit way down on it, he didn’t get me to “shallow out”, he promoted a correct shoulder rotation around the correct spine angle. I’m constantly amazed at t=what my body does on it’s own in the swing which is “right” without me asking it too once I’m doing the right moves. Things like belt buckle out and to target with right knee “clashing the cymbals” happens on it’s own when everything else was set up.

      He’s not cursing darkness. He’s cursing idiot click/attention whores with incorrect understanding or teaching methods. Which I thin is fair game.

  3. Calvin

    Methods; the truth is that you will shoot the same approximate score using one method after another for as many methods as you can find or invent with small differences in how far it goes and flight patterns. I remember watching Trevino do a clinic years ago where he used several different swing patterns and hit it beautifully every time.

    Methods is just a word.

  4. nyb

    Speaking of opposite of bad, when can Tiger hire you as his next coach


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