In the last 10 days, both in person and online, I have been exposed to mid to high handicaps who were told to be concerned whether they were one plane or two plane, CP or CF release, how much palmar flexion they were getting, purposeful hip sway going back to get the right leg in a more powerful position, getting the club perfectly parallel at the top (not short or past) and maintaining right arm connection down to the elbow through impact…yet the same group of people had no idea about the importance of…

1. Avoiding too much curve at the bottom of the spine at address (S curve)
2. A basic proper wrist set
3. Understanding that tilting 30* toward the target at the too is not a huge flexible turn.
4. Restricting the hip turn was the reason his lower back and hips hurt.
5. Swinging left with the hands steepens the shaft.

Wanna be decent at golf?

Learn a decent setup with an adequate, but not over done bend at the waist/hips, knees and tilt away from the target.

Learn to make a 50 yard wedge swing where you stop the backswing around left arm parallel to the ground. Have a free hip turn and decent wrist set with arms not low, inside and pinned across your chest…and start the downswing with any movement other than pulling the handle with your hands.




  1. Kenny

    If I heard this in one go I would expect the recipient of the advice to sit down then second later their head to explode.

    Crikey if you broke down walking into each basic element it might become difficult to walk properly!

  2. Paul Kraus

    Hi Monte,

    Glad the back is getting better.

    Would the above be on your Wedges video?

    Bought the short game video – great instruction, very professional presentation and excellent value for money.


    • Joeunc

      yes it is on his Wedges video, it is a must buy!

  3. Joeunc

    They should also get your Wedges video, some of the most basic and perfect info to ingrain into a swing.

  4. Jake G

    I second the wedge video. Great stuff there! This is just more proof how jacked up the teaching industry is, and why so many people get frustrated and quit the game for good. I doubt there are too many golfers out there who haven’t received some of this BS advice at some point in their golfing endeavors. Great post here

  5. eric

    Have any videos on how to properly set the wrist ?

  6. Calvin

    “and start the downswing with any movement other than pulling the handle with your hands.”

    Maybe the most crucial and most difficult thing for me to accomplish. Tried turning the hips, shifting the hips, shoulders, rib cage, etc. and still the hands corrupted me. Finally discovered that I can PULL the lower body target-ward with my left glute and arm and hand interference disappeared. Never heard it taught but it works for me. Mysterious ways.

    • Don Lissen

      “I can PULL the lower body target-ward with my left glute.”

      It’s not actually mysterious. Assuming that you make a proper backswing and get wound-up, loaded, or whatever you want to call it, your mid-body transmits that turning force to your right shoulder.

      It works two ways on the same diagonal. When the glute turns, other things turn with it, and it gives the right shoulder “slack” to turn down and in front. Also, it’s connected across the front of your torso, and it helps pull your right shoulder down into the turn. And, since the left arm is above the left glute, it also helps to swing the left arm.

      A lot of good stuff can happen because the body is connected with itself. Not that anybody needs to know. Actually, it’s better to let the body do a lot of stuff without the golfer knowing about it.

      Maybe the trick is finding a key that works for you. Looks like you found one. Now forget what I just wrote.

      • Calvin


  7. sa79

    This is one of my favorite blog posts.
    This was my offseason of golf instruction over the winter
    1. Set up was fine

    2. Instructor had me float loading
    3. head moved towards target on backswing (instructor said this was fine)
    4. Instructor told me to keep right knee perfectly flexed
    5. Had me swinging low and left with my hands

    From December to Late January I had to stop all golf and physical activity because of back pain in lower left of back

    From March-June I had the shanks

    Now i’m becoming decent at golf by doing the 2nd half of the blog post. Those 4 sentences of instruction are better than 99% of entire golf books

  8. JP

    I usually don’t get the opportunity to help people much but when I do I emphasize that they need to learn how to practice properly and learn to hit a half wedge. Until they can make consistent contact and start the ball online they are really going to struggle.I recommend they take a lesson on just hitting half wedges from a pro (I try to never give out swing technique advice but rather offer my experiences in the learning process, that said, it seems I have seen a lot more of what Monte talks about with instructions so my new recommendation will be to buy Monte’s videos or see my specifc pro that has similar approach to Monte).

  9. Don Lissen

    “…one plane or two, CP or CF, palmar flexion, right leg position, club perfectly parallel, right arm connection …”

    –Moe Norman was right: “Too much mechanics, not enough motor skills.”

  10. Michael C.

    Even the dogs are getting too analytical. We’ve all seen the commercial.

    “What is it, boy? Am I needed in surgery?”


    “Is my over hip rotation affecting my clubhead speed?”

    “Woof woof”

    …..really? REALLY? Isn’t stepping in their crap bad enough?

  11. g h pennington

    This always helps me when things get too complicated.

    • David W


  12. Calvin

    Think of 64 year old hall of famer Tom Watson who still goes to the practice tee looking for a “key” to get him in gear. If Watson is still searching why shouldn’t I?

    • Don Lissen

      Tom Watson…ha, ha, priceless. He’s a great golfer, but he suggests a bit much to micromanage in 1.3 seconds.

      Maybe watch him explain his 2005 secret, which he discovered in 1992 (LINK below). His secret was “spine angle, shoulder turn, plane, and not bobbing up and down” Tom Watson’s Secret to the Golf Swing (4:16)

      My favorite Watson-ism is “turn your back to the target.” As far as I know, he’s the only guru who ever mentioned anything about a golfer’s back. I give him a gold star for almost making a great observation…or for making a great observation and not explaining it very well. Same as with this video, I’d say.


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