Where is my club pointed?

Face angle can be an optical illusion because of loft.

Use a piece of two sided tape and attach a golf tee to the face. It will give you a great perception of where the club is.

You will find that you don’t setup at least half of your bag the way you think.

Now don’t use this to drive yourself crazy. It’s purpose is to help your alignment if you are struggling, or something doesn’t look right.

In other words, don’t fix what ain’t broke.




  1. casvolsmu (@casvolsmu)

    I know it seems silly, but I put a True Aim sticker on my driver last year as a last resort. I may have been the worst driver of the golf ball on the planet, and was DEFINITELY the worst 1 handicap driver of the golf ball on the planet. It was literally 2 swings before I was blown away. I did it in June, and had the best driving year ever. I NEVER had the ball started as far left as I thought. As soon as I put the sticker on, I was able to swing freer, and hit more fairways while also gaining big distance. I never thought about doing it with irons. Will be heading to the range this weekend to give it a run.

  2. Calvin



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