Two negatives equal a positive

I hear two cliches on the range where people are told to avoid them and avoiding them gets people in trouble.

Don’t slide (with the lower body) and don’t hang back (with upper body).

The irony of this just kills me. The cliches people promote (Hold lag, widen arc, swing to right field) are bad and the ones that are shunned are actually good.

Now this is going to make most people who don’t read my blog have a brain aneurism.

“Hanging back” is a lower body mistake and “sliding” is an upper body mistake.

That’s right folks, the cliches are wrong again.

When a golfer is “hanging back,” it’s not because the upper body is back, that is supposed to happen…that is proper tilt. A golfer “hangs back” when the lower body doesn’t shift left.

When a golfer “slides” it’s not because the lower body moves too much toward the target. There is really no such thing. It is a “slide” when the upper body is too far forward when the lower body shifts.

In other words, if you “hang back” and “slide” according to the book of cliches, you are gold.

Since the golf swing is an action/reaction movement, it would only make sense that the good cliches are actually bad and the bad cliches are actually good.

In this case, I am becoming a huge fan of irony.




  1. Bruce

    Hey Monte –

    I understand what you’re saying, but I have a hard time doing it and feel like I get stuck and don’t have a nice finish. I think my problem is incorporating the weight transfer into the slide (lower body) and hanging back (upper body). Can you talk a little about that? For example, at the instance my lower body starts towards the target, should I immediately transfer most of the weight from the back leg to the front leg or is it more of smooth, gradual transfer?

    • Roy Gilley

      It’s a gradual transfer that occurs in about a quarter of a second.

    • Mike Divot

      Take a few baseball-style cuts at the ball. It seems everyone’s baseball swing is better than their golf swing.

  2. Robert Johansson

    I suggest that anyone who has an issue with their golf swing switch to a lefty.
    Buy new clubs, sell the old ones and then you nedd a mirror to reverse the language properly incoming from the right to left.

  3. Ed

    Hello Monty,
    Can you move your hips laterally too much. Can you have too much bump?
    Also, sometimes I hit really fat shots doing the bump dump turn. Any reason?


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