Wide to narrow

I said by brain is melting over reading the PGA instructional manual…

I ranted about restricting hip turn on Friday. Now I obviously realize a lot of great players and long hitters go wide to narrow. I am one of them, but it is not an ideal way to build consistency…where again I speak from experience. Right now I am trying to narrow my backswing a bit by setting my hands earlier, so I don’t float load as much, so I hit it straighter…and actually I hit the ball just as far and average drive is farther because I don’t get too narrow, stall and flip as often…or at all when my rhythm is good.

Phil Mickelson cursed wide to narrow on the 72nd hole at Winged Foot. He just didn’t know it.

Now if I say its a marginal idea to go wide to narrow for myself and golfers who do it naturally…here is what I say to golfers doing it on purpose…especially float loading…




  1. northgolf

    Nicklaus used to say he was wide to wide (Golf my Way). What do you think of that?

  2. eric

    Monte I found a new thought on how to cure my over swing! Instead of focusing on taking the club back shorter i decided to focus on starting my downswing sooner!
    Sound like a good idea? doing shadow swings with a club in the kitchen and it feels a lot different and i can also feel the pressure point in my right finger now.. Who knows maybe it will cure my early extension haha! One can dream right


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