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  1. coops

    I probably will like it.
    Years of one piece takeaway ringing in my head has left me with low arms ( no/little arm lift in mybackswing )… what’s your thoughts on the whole one piece idea? Do Pro’s and good players genuinely do it – curious because now a couple of different pro’s have pointed out if i lift and swing my arms, the shoulders turn of their own accord.
    And the one piece takeaway does horrors for my chipping… thank god i saw your post about the good chippers getting the head swinging much. more than the club handle

    • Dean


      Where is this chipping post? I struggle with pulling the handle too much on chips.

  2. Calvin

    Hmmm. What I noticed: Right hip turns and moves up. Bump is much easier and more natural. Feels great in the lab, now let’s see how it works in the field. 🙂

    My impression is that this move makes what comes next easier and better.

  3. northgolf

    does that make the start of the transition: left shoulder up (bump), left arm down (dump)?

      • Calvin

        Wait, you mean I didn’t get it? So where did I go wrong?
        I’m trying hard here.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          You got it right too. Just didn’t see your yet.

  4. tjumper78

    logged on just to say thank you for this post.
    such simple things are often so difficult to realize.

  5. Boris

    Of late you have a tendency of cutting it all down to the bones, total brevity. This post was perhaps the masterpiece in this style—a valuable golfing advice even short of a haiku by three syllables.. (Not mocking you, quite the contrary, I think this is great—-leaving away all the normal explaining is fabulous! I tried it out, just here at home with some dry swings, and just setting my mind on your brief advice seems to work nicely.)
    Still, what about putting it down to a legit haiku? With my limited artistic skills:

    Down the left shoulder
    as the left arm wanders up.
    The ball flies skywards.

    ((And in the future, perhaps, you could make some solid bucks through a coffee-table-book: “All Golf in fifty Haikus”….must be a book as heavy as a brick, each page showing a golf-course scene painted by a Japanese master, and somewhere on each of the pages one haiku of yours on one central aspect of golfing. ))

    • Calvin

      Left shoulder swings down
      Sending left arm to the top
      Smile if you try it

  6. Todd

    Glad you posted this monte. I struggle with how to start the takeaway. I pretty much have had a handsey takeaway for a ever. Recently I started the takeaway by pushing/turning my right hip back and up. This provided a nice way to swing the arms up on the backswing for full shots but made my arms get stuck behind on the chips and pitches. I’ve been thinking more recently about what the proper way to start the takeaway was. It sounds like this fits the bill.

    One question, do you feel like you are having to flex your abs/core to make this movement?

    • Todd

      I tried this at the range today Monte. It seemed to be a good feel. The one thing I noticed is that this feel tends to make me get steep with the wedges. I would assume this has more to do with something else (probably setup related) then taking the club back with the feel you describe.

  7. FredL

    Just to clarify…you mean start with the arms then shoulder? I’m usually of the thinking that as long as your in the right position at the top, shouldn’t matter how you got there. or would that be the wrong thinking.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It doesn’t matter what you start with…and how you get there isn’t quite true, only mostly true.

    • Reif San Diego

      It matters how you get there,because if you go around and then up rather than up than around, even though a snapshot at the top may look exactly the same the momentum will be carrying your hands over the top.

      If you go up then around, the hands will be heading down from the top rather than over.

  8. Golfnut Ian

    A short while ago I worked out that my arms were too slow getting back, and too slow coming down. Since I started working on that my golf improved no end. This piece of info helps enormously because if you keep your hands in front of your body, the ‘left shoulder down’ bit gets your arms up quickly. This also means that you can keep shoulder turn and arm swing together and not have the arms keep running on at the end of the body turn. Great advice.

  9. Ricardo

    Totally agree with your advice.

    My problem is that my backswing tends to be down the plane at first and upright later, with my arms a bit deep and my downswing is too shallow and under the plane.Should I try to get more left arm rotation in sinc with the elevation of the arm?

    Thank you

  10. David

    I’ve been using this for a couple of years already – makes sure that the arms and body stay connected – top of the backswing = left shoulder under chin, stops the arms overrunning too – great advice !

  11. Hank Beech

    so what is the proper backswing, i have a tendency to tuck my right elbow behind my right hip,,i was told to try keeping my right arm as straight as i can both ways, my club goes from long to short to long,,i tried doing it and cant seem to master it,help!!!

  12. Hank Beech

    wrong on the club, it goes short to long to short


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