Master the transition and watch your scores go WAY down

There are three important things in the golf swing, in this order.

1. The transition

2. The backswing

3. The setup

The better the setup, the easier it is to make a good backswing. The better the backswing, the easier it is to make a good transition.

Everything that happens after the transition is out of your control.

For those who disagree about my priority list…here is my thesis driven evidence.

How many great golfers are there with poor posture and weird backswings?

A lot.

How many golfers are there with perfect setups and backswings and they stink because they have bad transitions?





  1. Andrew from Belgium

    You could strengthen your thesis by adding::

    “How many great golfers are there with poor transitions?

    Precisely ZERO”

  2. Robert Johansson

    Its the state of golf instruction set currently.
    Its pretty much has no idea how to teach golf swings properly.

    • woody

      If someone decided to teach, they could maybe have their pick from 8 different styles:

      1) Classic (like Bubba and Bobby Jones)
      2) Modern (like Snedeker and Hogan),
      3) Tom Lehman (top hand partly off the grip)
      4) Furyk (double overlap grip)
      5) Couples
      6) Eamon Darcy,
      7) old Ryan Moore, and
      8) Josh Broadaway (cross-handed)

  3. Calvin

    Utube researched:
    3 said bump left hip.
    1 said downcock til hands are at right thigh.
    1 said squat. no pun.
    1 said turn the hips to square and pull thru.
    1 said stick the butt of the club into your trail thigh.

    • Bob Saunders

      And one said bump, dump, and turn!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Down cock,
      Turn and pull
      And putt butt in right pocket are horrendous sequences.

      I am all for many right ways of doing it and none of those are it.

      They all involve pulling the handle and as you all know, that is nasty.

      Anyone who tells you different should be avoided.

      • woody

        I wonder if people would say that this standing discus thrower made a “transition.” Looking at his body from the sternum down, his “downswing” has a lot in common with a good golfer.

        Solution: In golf, hold the “sports object” with two hands. (0:49) standing discus

  4. mukster

    Funny thing, after discussing my inconsistencies of yesterday’s round with a regular playing partner, who I had not played with yesterday, he said that he felt my problem was with my transition. Then I come here and see this 😛 He felt it was too fast. Does speed of transition have any impact on the “correctness” of the proper transition?
    Any drills or links to your drill(s) would be appreciated.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      A fast transition is probably an issue for you.

      I tell people to be patient. Think of a 1-2 metronome for backswing and downswing.

  5. Dayo

    Monte… Do you have a video relating to the setup? If not, would you please describe your ideal setup. Thanks!


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