Reverse the curse drill

When I am less emotionally attached (pissed) about what happened yesterday, I will have some musings about what I learned and how you can use it to get better.

Until then, here is a video I made on the shape of the swing. This concept/drill could be a light bulb moment for millions of golfers. For now, it will just be for a few thousand.




  1. Adam

    I have been thinking about reversing the curse in the opposite direction being that I lift, turn, and then drop too far from the inside. I want to do what most slicers/pullers do and turn, lift and come down. Any additional advice?

    • Calvin

      Stop dropping too far inside.

  2. Tom McNamara

    Is the difference between “dropping the hands” and “shifting the hands” in the hip bump? My guess is that’s is similar to bump dump turn, but specific to cure OTT.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Dropping hands is an independent movement that disconnects the hands and club from the turn if the body.

      The shift drop is a movement that connects the hands to the turn.

      • woody

        That would be in agreement with Hogan (Power Golf, 1948) “Turning brings your hands and club down.”

        Maybe the bump is turning too. If so, the bump would function like a clutch. The bump might allow the powerful stuff to sync-up and allow somebody to apply the power without blowing-out the left knee (for a righty).

        If the bump could somehow get the left leg turning, without bleeding-off the power of the left side, that would be cool. (Too bad golf has no words to describe it.)

      • woody

        On second thought, somebody did try to describe it.

        If Hogan was right, somebody could use the Elastic Band, and they’d still have the left bun/leg and right leg/bun in reserve–the most powerful muscles in your body.

  3. northgolf


    I have a minor over the top move as my swing error (15 yard straight pull on a 250 yard drive).

    The correction for me has been having the feel of starting my transition with my left shoulder moving up and out – this is a left sided thought and it makes me feel like I am swinging for a right field homer. I find my right foot stays planted longer and I can extend up from my left foot as hard as I can and not spin out.

    Do you have any input on left side vs. right side swing feels? How does my fix fit with your dump, bump, and turn concept? Just curious.

  4. Golfnut Ian

    For me, one of the simplest, yet most profound golfing insights ever – especially as it relates to the backswing. Thanks Monte.

  5. woody


    Breaking news for Trackman addicts…I went to Richie3Jack’s website (he also writes for golfwrx) (February 7, 2013 column) and Richie3Jack reports that “…a problem for Trackman is that according to an independent source (Quintic), the readings are very faulty on mis-hits…”

    He links to the conclusions of the comparison of Trackman with high-speed camera. The shortcomings of Trackman are listed. Lesson: science isn’t always science just because the people doing a study have fancy equipment.

  6. Jason

    Hey Monte. Nice video.

    Here is a video from another good teacher, his name is Mark Crossfiled from the UK. The one thing I dont like is that he preaches hip restriction, having said that he has a good hip turn LOL. I digress, this video is on club path and seems to make sense. I would love to know your thoughs on this, good or bad, before I look into this more.

    Thanks Monte, keep up the great work.

  7. Jason

    It would help if I posted the vid right?

  8. Robert Evans

    Monte, your video is great. Thank you. I really helped me with a long time problem.

  9. Tbone

    I’ve always been below the plane, bit inside going back and steep coming down. I think this one drill/thought may have solved all that. Just got back from the range, swing felt awesome and was striping it! You are the man Monte!


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