When you play this weekend

(Don’t do this with wedge distances as you can be a little more accurate with those)

Get a general yardage on what you have.

Figure out what club you would have to hit to go over the green…and hit one less club…regardless of where the pin is.

So for me, if I had 178 yards to the back of the green, I would have to hit 7 to go over. So I would hit 8, regardless of my exact yardage to the pin.

I bet over 90% of you shoot lower than normal. Without all of the mental anguish on whether you have 164 or 166 to the pin…and is this a 78% shot, or a 93% shot choked down 1/2″…and most of you will actually be hitting enough club and not be in the front bunker to front pins…and any other number of ridiculous and erroneous factors that go into club selection…all of the mental energy will go into just hitting the ball solid.




  1. wally

    Will do, I will report to you on Monday

  2. bobs34

    For the most part, unless the green is 40 yards deep and the pin is in front, I’ve always done this. The only other time at my home course I don’t is on hole 7. It’s a short hole but on your approach, you have to go at the pin. The green is huge but has a ton of severe elevation changes, is very fast and the greens keeper is sadistic. He always puts the pin in a place so that anything outside of 15′ is almost an automatic 3 putt even for very good putters. You have any advice for a hole like that? It’s my most inconsistent, I can birdy it once in awhile but I’ve had more than a few 3 putts there too 🙁

    • bobs34

      Duh, never mind, guess I shoulda read your first sentence 😎 I guess hole #7 is what it is; I try to leave myself a full 60` because you pretty much have to throw a lawn dart. You don’t want the ball to bouce forward or backward very much…

  3. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    Ha ha ha … you just gave away my secret. lol

  4. henry

    this is a great tip.

    I was going to ask for your opinion on grip pressure from your previous post. Specifically, right hand pressure. I notice a lot of PGA tour players in action photos past impact, have a very loose right grip. Almost looks like they are just barely touching the grip with the 2 middle fingers.

    Do you feel this is the right sensation to have? Firmer hold of the grip in the left hand, and light hold on the right?


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