Swing anomalies on the PGA Tour.

Ricky Fowler’s reroute to the inside, Segio’s downloading, Dustin Johnson’s bowed left wrist, Kenny Perry’s flat right foot and stright right knee at impact, Matt Koucher setting the club really flat for a tall guy for control…and the list goes on.

These are swing anomalies that everyone wants to copy so they can hit the ball as far and be as good as these guys.

Let me tell you a secret. These guys are good, they are at the golf course every day for 4-8 hours…and did I say they are good?

They hit the ball long and straight and shoot low in spite of some of these unique swing characteristics. So all of those in the golf world thinking of copying these things, are asking for trouble. Those teaching, writing and announcing about the merits of these things should be forced to be hand holders for brides on the night before their wedding.

I don’t see anyone wanting to copy or encouraging people to copy Jim Furyk’s loop. No one was told to copy Nicklaus’ flying right elbow. Guess what? All of the things I listed above fall into the same category.

Copying Hogan’s lag….ROFL. The movements of Iron Byron or Perfie…GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!!

When you practice only a few hours a week, or even per month, it’s hard enough to make a small adjustment to your own swing…that actually fits your body and skill level.

What chance do you have copying a world class player who is not built the same as you and golf is his job?

…or worse, copying a robot that has parts that “represent” the complicated movements a human body makes?

The answer is the same as trying to copy Lebron James’ dunking technique to improve your basketball game when you can’t even touch the rim.




  1. Calvin D

    Hmmm. I have tried most of the stuff you mentioned during 35 years of golf. As an incurable tinkerer I have come to think of golf as a personal evolutionary process. You try different things that don’t really work but over time develop things that do work and eventually arrive at your own swing. That’s why you could identify Hogan or Couples or Nelson or Jones or Stricker from 400 yards away. It’s personal. I remember playing Seminole in Tallahassee and seeing a speck in the distance walking by the edge of the woods towards my tee and saying “That’s Bobby Bowden” and of course it was. You can’t be anyone else but yourself much less a machine.

    • Colby

      Did you hear a loud “Dadgummit!” after a flubbed shot? LOL

      I hope to play a RTJ course in New Orleans when I’m watching the Noles in the Championship in January. 🙂

      • Calvin D

        No dadgummits. He wasn’t playing, just walking the perimeter of the course. This was at the height of his problems with son Jeff. He waved and spoke to us.
        It really struck me how you could identify a little speck in the distance as a particular human being.

  2. Wally

    “The Ultimate judge of your golf swing, is the flight of the ball.”

    Ben Hogan

    • Calvin D

      It’s smaller and more precise than that; it’s the value of
      the marks on your scorecard. 🙂

  3. wally

    I am of the opinion that the increased lag is a natural occurance brought on by the great downward force that the great players have. For someone who lacks the strength and timing to try such a thing could only louse up their swing. We would be better off working on our game from 100 yards in

    • s.

      Pretty much, I’m going to guess that whatever lag you have is there at the top. Bobby Jones cocked his wrists at the top, probably Daly, and likely Sadlowski.

      About the only way to create lag with downward force would be float-loading.

      Maybe Monte will give a lesson on how to float-load.

      • Calvin D

        “Maybe Monte will give a lesson on how to float-load.”

        I doubt that. It seems anti-Monte.

        I’m guessing Wally’s point was that most ams go into negative lag before impact. Everybody has lag at the top but a lot of us actively throw it away whereas Monte would have us naturally release it.

        If you are good from 100 yards in you can shoot in the low eighties with negative lag.

  4. rojoass

    “Seminole in Tallahassee”………wow……..it is indeed a small world. My hometown & my school………& also the 1st course I ever set foot on some years ago……..

    • Colby

      Not to hijack..
      Good to see another Nole on here.
      From Wakulla originally. In Jax now Was back this weekend. Played Wildwood. Not enough balls..figuratively and literally to tackle St James Bay.

  5. paul

    Copy it only if you know why it works and how it works. Those moves you mention are often a result of other (harder to see) moves and pressures.


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