Head drop in backswing and downswing

Assuming there is no major balance or posture issues in the setup…

Generally speaking, most people I have seen drop their head in the back swing are trying to get too much extension (widen the arc, low and slow, etc.). That pulls the head down.

If you just turn the shoulders and try and keep you hands the same distance from your body they are at address, that should start to alleviate the back swing issue.

On the down swing, if you are widening the arc in the back swing too much, you can’t help but narrow it on the way down…and unless you just plain quit and cast it, you have to decrease the distance to the ball in order to get the club to it. That often creates a head drop.

Allowing the club to release naturally will get you more extension at and through impact. I always say hit the ball with the club head, not the head on your shoulders and not releasing the club on time will cause the need to “close the gap” to the ball.

Keeping too much weight OFF the toes can be very helpful with this issue.

This is not a comprehensive explanation of why these issues happen, just very common ones.

There is an instance where many good players and longer hitters increase their tilt behind the ball through impact. That is OK and actually a good thing for some.

However, this happens very late in the downswing. The head dropping immediately to start the down swing can be problematic.

Keeping too much weight OFF the toes can be very helpful with this issue.



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  1. s.

    “The head dropping”…people get the wrong idea about it when the camera is placed behind the golfer on the target line.

    I’m not touting Wayne DeFrancesco, but sometimes he uses video the way it is best used–to mock other gurus..

    Wayne did a two-part analysis showing that both Hogan and Tiger at his prime “dropped their heads.” But the hilarious part was when he did a video analysis of Johnny Miller and Brandel Chamblee DROPPING THEIR HEADS, after they criticized Tiger for doing it.

    If the head does not go down, there has been no forward movement.


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