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I saw someone on another website call Steve Stricker’s swing ‘Fugly.”

I have seen it called powerless, weak, etc.

Well, this is indicative of one thing. The golfing public is extremely uneducated and/or has been exposed to the most heinous of golf instruction information.

I do not blame these ignorant individuals who criticize what I find the most efficient swing on Tour. It is the reason he is still a top player into his mid 40’s, while many of the guys with the swings that are praised will be done by their late 30’s as their bodies will no longer be able to perform the spine contorting moves that receive so much adulation.

I blame the marketing geniuses and swing dunces that heaped the “hold the lag, restrict the hip turn” nonsense on all of us.

While I will agree that my opinion that Stricker has the best and most efficient swing on Tour is debatable, anyone who calls it fugly, powerless, weak, etc. has no idea how the swing is supposed to work.

Bredon De Jonge pulled a Monte. AKA ****ing up the first hole of the day. I’d say my % of making bogey or worse on the first hole is over 50% in my career. It’s not often I make double or worse like De Jonge did, but I can bogey the first hole like no one’s business. It’s obviously mental and it’s uncanny how it happens sometimes, but as I get less involved in my swing and putting stroke, I am sure this will happen less often.

Kyle Stanley was on fire. Although I always like to see Striker win, seeing Stanley finish that way after such great play is tough. I feel for him and hope he wins quickly so he doesn’t lament this. That was some great golf on the back 9. When you play safe and hit it in a hazard, that is a big boo boo (17th). When you play safe with an iron and miss the fairway on a 470 yard par 4…that is an even bigger boo boo. It’s a shame the lipout cost him

Stricker was unfortunate on the tee shot on 15. It reminded me of playing desert golf. The crowd claps, your playing partners say good shot and the ball ends up screwed. To use a poked term, he was “on tilt” when he hit that shot in 16. That was a nasty swing, but it was a nice up and down for bogey.

What a clutch putt on 17. Did you see that shot on 18 from the fairway bunker? That is what a “no lag” swing can do for you. Get you a clean hit from a crap lie in the bunker because the angle of attack is so shallow and the club us being released properly.

…and another clutch putt.




    • Calvin D

      Toes pointing down like a ballerina. Like a bird on a limb. I would have dived into the trap on my downswing. 🙂

      The only lag that counts is a little lag at impact.

  1. s.

    Stricker was phenomenal. How about not falling apart mentally, after getting two shots back?

    And two miracle shots in a row on 18? I’ve never seen it done before.

    Here’s another look at him. 2009 Masters, he finished T6.

  2. Peter B

    I must say he did give up on that last hole until someone told him “Bogey”.

    • woody

      Never woulda guessed it. Peter Kostis: “Spine angle, spine angle, spine angle.

      Now, if I can just retain my spine angle….

  3. woody

    Oh, hey, and speaking of spine angle, this is my favorite! Check it out at 0:33…no part of his spine is on the spine angle line.

    Gotta go now, to work on that follow-through “T” that Kostis mentions.

    • Calvin D

      Yeah, right. That’s my main swing thought “finish with a perfect tee”. 🙂

  4. Colby

    Stricker averaged 324 yards driving this week.
    No power eh?


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