Making your short game better

First I want to say how impressed I was with So Yeon Ryu in winning the US Women’s Open. She birdied the 72nd hole and knew she needed to. Then proceeded to birdie 2 of the 3 playoff holes to win in impressive fashion. The 17th and 18th were not easy holes. even for men using all this equipment that makes the ball go too far.

There is a simple drill you can do to make your short game better. You can do it on the chipping green, or on the course during a round that your score isn’t the primary goal of the day.

Use one more club than you would normally hit for that shot. You must still use proper technique and accelerate. You are not allowed to help the ball in the air. You must create a softer shot properly.

What this drill will do is teach you to accelerate slower. In other words, accelerate the club at a slower pace. Think of swinging a golf club under water. You would still accelerate, but the water slows that down.

This will teach you better touch and better rhythm and tempo that will work it’s way through the whole bag.




  1. s.

    Accelerate slower…

    Well, for one thing, there’s hardly any windup with a chip, so the “big muscles” (back, legs, butt) don’t come into play as much.

    Hardly any windup, hardly any un-winding…hardly any power…so maybe you accelerate slower.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      All of that makes people hit at it more. All the more reason for this drill.

  2. s.

    For chipping, there’s a very effective muscle combination on the front of your body. (Since you aren’t using the big muscles, in effect they furnish some resistance.)

    Rather than get into the anatomy of muscle combinations, this feel-thought from Mike Jacobs is in harmony with it. This idea doesn’t do much for me with a full-swing, but I found it to be a good way to learn an effective chipping method. More body, less hit.

    • s.

      P.S. the idea is to have your right shoulder pulled into the ball.

  3. Wally

    Another example of getting too much information.
    Who needs or can remember all this crap
    Go play some freaking golf and you can figure out all by your self
    Took my persimmons out for a ride this weekend

    • rojoass

      Wally is & will always be my hero……………

      • s.

        Well, there’s nothing inherently wrong with doing the same old thing and never getting any better.


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