What’s the “correct” shot?

I watch ams lose their marbles over what shot to play around the greens.

Problem is they approach it like “What’s the correct shot?”

In the context of how a good player would play it.


If you’re afraid of a tight lie and still pull your low bounce LW, you fail the intelligence test.

When I was going through my tight lie yips because I had too much shaft lean, I would run 7-iron up there…or even putter. Place from where no self respecting pro would do those things. It wasn’t the right shot and left myself lots of 12 footers for par, but that’s better than only advancing the ball 3 feet by digging the leading edge. I can promise you it’s less embarrassing to bounce a bunch of putts up there in possible make range, than sodding 3-4 wedges.

Now that I have learned to use the bounce, I can hit LW from loose soil.

The point is, you will be more successful using the comfortable shot versus the “correct shot.”

Go practice the correct shot, but hit the shot you are likely to have the most success with at that moment… “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.”




  1. IPM

    I’m learning how to do this. There is something in me that always wants to try to spectacular shot or the more difficult shot. I’ve missed a few birdie and par attempts because I went for the lob (which I can hit….usually) instead of chipping or putting it on.

  2. Joeunc

    A video coming on this “correct shot” ? big thanks Monte!!!

  3. Jordan

    I’m totally with you on this. I like to putt off the green any chance i get especially this time of year when the bermuda gets real grainy. On the 6 holes i missed the green
    today I putted 3 times, 2 bump and runs with PW and 1 flop (Short sided with bunker in front). All 3 putts got up and down and the flop while bump and runs made bogey. On 2 of the putts i was more than 8 to 10 feet off the green but with real tight lies and just didn’t feel comfortable that I was not going to flop the sod over. It’s taken me a long time to realize that any shot you don’t feel comfortable over is destined for failure, and I never chunk my putter:)

  4. Jacob

    Putting stroke with a hybrid is a high percentage safe play. Whenever doubt creeps in, and I’m around the green, that is what I revert to.

  5. Andrew

    And I have so few marbles to spare too…..

  6. pcb_duffer

    I agree that the ‘correct’ shot is the one that works for the individual player. Obviously, we also have to define ‘works’, but for Joe Eighteenhandicap it’s not necessarily the one that has him making par; it might just be the one that takes double out of play. For Sammy Scratch, it’s the one that’s going to leave him 3 feet or less for par the vast majority of the time. In both cases the brain has to be fully revved and in gear, which all too often seems to be my failing. 🙁


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