Does anyone still think

Going wide to narrow by pulling the handle really hard to create max lag is still the way to go?

How many people have to get the shanks before this method is abandoned?

How many stall flip snap hooks have to be hit?

…and how many 15 handicap know it alls do I have to endure telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about if I disagree with this method?

The insanity!




  1. Chris S

    Mr. Sarcastic, Contrarian ambiguously Vague golf instructor guy… Maybe you should read some more Leadbetter books and hold the lag more. It’s impossible to hit the ball well if you don’t have at least a 90* angle between the shaft and your forearm. ;-P

    • Dave Dunlop

      haha that post from that bloke did make me laugh. hold the lag!

      • Monte Scheinblum

        What a jerk that guy is…and a moron. Everyone else in the thread is telling him the same thing.

  2. dasbill

    It will never stop unfortunately. May have to grow an even thicker skin or body armor.

  3. BigBoy.

    its screwing Sergio Garcia, even he says that one of his swing thoughts at the top to create room for his arms down is to feel that he is pulling a chain….screwed, especially under pressure, and his is making it quite regular.

  4. Paul

    I always thought you were exaggerating the number of guys arguing this with you. I was wrong. Save these threads and PMs. If you ever have to do community service, show these to the judge and you’ll be out with time served.

  5. Will

    As long as you have photos and super slow-mo of longdrive guys and some big hitters on tour floating around (IOW, always) you’ll always have this debate happening, because people will see it and try to recreate what they see.

  6. golfercraig

    I tell guys all the time–trying to get in the same position as Sergio (or any tour player really,) as a zeroed-out goal is no different than trying to get in the position LeBron is in while he’s dunking over another 6’8″ guy. You can’t do that either. Why do people think they can practice like crazy and become a tour player? Nobody thinks “I’m going to lift hard, eat right, work on my speed, and play DB for the Steelers in 3 years.”

  7. Calvin

    Tom Watson releases from the top and hits it plenty far.
    If you were coaching Bryan Gay though, who is very short hitter and releases from the top, what would you tell him?

  8. Keith Z.

    One of the guys in our regular group was rehearsing a wide to narrow lag-holding swing the other day. I asked him if he planned on hitting shanks that day.

    He blamed me for saying the word before he played and hit four of them during the round. I gave him a link to your videos, hopefully he checks them out.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You meenie. I laughed out loud when I read this.

  9. Jacob

    Golf is so much easier when you stay wide throughout the entire swing. Sometimes I struggle with getting enough depth, but that is nowhere near as bad a fault as yanking down on the handle and getting narrow.


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