Long drive swing sequence

The one on the right was an absolute bomb. When I post the videos, it is going to look slower than the handle pull job on the left. Probably a 20+ yard difference on these balls.

So the one on the right is probably 134-135 chs and cerca 200 mph bs.

The one on the left around 128-129 and 190-193 bs. Like I said, when you watch the videos you are going to say no way that is 135 on a TM. If you saw the flight you would believe it.















  1. erudd0h

    Monte, do you consider the one on the left a hair under plane coming into impact? They look the same into the ball? How do you like that No Brainer?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes it is under and I had to slow down to give it time.

      Pull the handle, shaft steepens, hips thrust to shallow, path gets too far right, club underneath.

      Love the NB.

      • erudd0h

        Thanks – don’t get me wrong – I’d kill for 128 clubhead speed!

  2. Andrew

    What’s the specs on the driver Monte?

  3. Robert Evans

    Monte, your swing looks great. This right shoulder out is what you were working on with me to help reduce my severe inside out AoA. The right shoulder out swing looks noticeably better. Really nice work. After the remax you need to go back to the tour and win a few million!

  4. Aleksi (@AleksiLepisto)

    Thanks to all of your posting, I’ve decided to get the feeling of just dumping all the leverage from the top of the swing as fast as I can through the ball, and even though I know it’s not much of a difference on video, it makes such a big difference in real life it’s astounding.

    Plus, it’s way more efficient, and you don’t feel like you’re doing much compared to trying to muscle the shaft through the ball.

    I have a question though:

    Is it correct to realize that the only real key to the downswing (aside from shoulder out for us underplane flippers) is to realize that the right hip needs to get what feels like to the left foot at impact-ish?

    I’ve always been a stall flipper, and as soon as I thought, well hey, I’m just going to slide/rotate my hips past the ball first, I have been mashing my clubs, especially the long irons. Get the right hip to the left side before impact, essentially? So the arms can just drop without trying to hold any lag or anything?

  5. Jason

    Monte, how do you get your hands so high?

  6. birly-shirly

    I call BS on your swingspeed Monte. Look at those pictures. No swing that starts at 1.44pm and finishes at 1.45pm can be THAT fast… 😉

  7. Paul

    Nice work and sequence of pics. You can really see the club releasing in frames 7 and 8, no hold-on as you maximize cf by letting it take over.

  8. Jeff

    Which iPad app do you use to film your swing?

  9. birly-shirly

    Seriously? Were those photos captured on an iPad running a $5 app? If so, that’s impressive. Is there any advantage to a Casio or similar camera with high speed video capture?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes a $5 app. There is an advantage as you can match frames up better and see more things, but it doesn’t beat the convenience of filming with the app and drawing right on the screen.

  10. John

    Hi Monte. Can’t thank you enough for your spine tilt at impact theory. The importance hasn’t really sunk in until I’ve read your stuff. I’ve a question about your right elbow in this swing sequence. At the impact frame the right elbow seems to have quite a bit of separation from your torso. In the frame before impact the elbow seems to be close or even in contact with the torso. Is this a camera illusion or is there an extension, reaching for the ball with the right arm? Thanks and good luck at Remax.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Everyone a little different. Some even have a bent elbow at impact.

      It’s about how much rotation you have and how long your arms are.

  11. Ed

    Hi Monte,

    How do you like the geek no brainer head?


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