Practice today

More evidence pulling the handle doesn’t work.

I hit today for third day in a row. Hit for an hour straight in 85-90 and humid.

I usually don’t max out three days in a row, but since the Remax is 3 days in a row…

When I practice, I rapid fire balls as hard as I can until I can’t anymore and then rest.

Surprisingly, this was my best day yet. My first 30 balls were 135-138 (adjusted for inflation to 132-136). This puts me right in the mix with the top tier guys.

All if the sudden, drop to 132, then 130 and even a 128. Got tired from rapid fire in heat, started pulling the handle. Took a break for a few minutes, started working right shoulder out…back to 134-135.

I have convinced many people that too much forward shaft lean in the short game is your enemy. Too much pulling the handle and getting narrow and false lag is the enemy of speed power. I always though it was just the enemy of consistency…but I have learned a lot this week.




  1. Andrew Tyler

    Monte, would you recommend anyone who is getting steep in the downswing to try the right shoulder out feel?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You will know after a swing or two if its good or not. 50-50

  2. erudd0h


    I’ve been reading from the ’09 posts and up, not all the way through yet. The videos are all great help. Here’s something controversial for you – on the shaft lean in the short game – it seems the closer you are to the hole (i.e putting), the less you want the left wrist to break (for right handed), The farther you are (i.e. the driver) the less that matters. Something I didn’t “get” until now. Interested in your thoughts on that.


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