What’s coming

I have three great videos coming.

1. The backswing video
2. Depth and width
3. The right arm and the short game

I am also taking a trip to Atlanta to have an audience with the ball department at Bridgestone to see if. we can’t get a really good ball made.

Basically the fact I was able to convert a Tour player and over 200 members of the golf public to a ladies ball carried some weight,

My idea is essentially to add some compression and a premium cover to the general design of a Precept IQ.




  1. BigBoy.

    excellent stuff.

  2. ghpennington

    I think you just described their 330 rx ball

  3. rojoass

    A drill for the “Upper body Lunge” would go a long way as an intervention for the masses on SWINGCRACK. I see attempts for a good strike after a decent backswing raped by the UBL………… whether by a jump and stall (flip) or slide and stop (wipe). Either way it’s a miss. Gotta have really good timing and great putting to have a decent outing with UBL. Not to mention a top % overall short game.
    That’s why about half of em miss the cut every week.


  4. Tom McNamara

    I’ve shot my 2 lowest rounds now with the IQ (78 & 79). Looking fwd to the new videos and the Monteball!

  5. Chris S

    Are you taking suggestions for the name of the ball? I suggest the “Scheinboomer”

  6. dasbill

    So you are going to change the ball like the manufacturers and mess it up. Lol. Just messin with ya. I hope you get it done. The iq is a great ball. Please no big tweaks.

  7. SeanB

    So a year from now, are we all going to be saying we are playing with Monte’s balls?

  8. Jimmy B

    The lady I Q is a nice ball…goes further. Needs a cover to spin it .

  9. Bob P

    played the ladies IQ ball after your recent postings and actually won a long drive hole in a scramble tournament. cheers!

  10. atyler16

    Very cool Monte,

    I’m playing the Bridgestone 330 S. Do you have an opinion on those? Haven’t had a chance to play the ladies IQ yet.

  11. Peter billinghurst

    Looking forward to the new videos. Congrats on the Bridgestone trip – getting great distance out of the ladies iq, good stop on irons and playing partners are converts. More run out than normal on chips but adjusting with time. Thanks

  12. Jared F

    Am looking forward to the short game video. Hoping you will cover chipping and using the bounce.

  13. Andrew in Belgium

    Broke par on the front nine of my home course for the first time – with a Lady IQ. I think I might change to pink ones to help the promotional cause!

  14. Andrew in Belgium

    A few posts ago you mentioned that there is a rumour that Bridgestone is making a special ball for Tigger. Do not forget to “nab”a few for professional long drive testing 🙂

  15. Ron

    Hmm… my best scores came from a Top Flight. Makes me think that hitting a rock is my best ball. Hit other balls for low score, but not lower then the rock, Top Flight. Maybe, I can do commercial for Top Flight! I shot a hole in one! I shot a par. Not bad for a 17 handicap!

  16. nate

    Really looking forward to #1 and #3.

  17. Alan

    Add a PGA master professional to your list of converts! Wish it didn’t sparkle.

    • Andrew in Belgium

      With my grotty eyesight I am delighted it sparkles – much easier to see in the air!

  18. Richard Grime

    Yup, Ive bought five dozen on your recommend. Wish they didn’t sparkle though!

  19. Robert Evans

    I like the pink ones. Seriously, no one will ever mistake it for theirs.

  20. Bill bryant

    Good luck with Bridgestone

    People will love the right arm short game video

  21. SeanB

    I’m really looking forward to the right arm short game video as well. My greenside short game has turned to garbage, so I’m looking for any help I can get.
    Would that video come up here on the blog as it’s own posting, or would there be somewhere else one should look for it?


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