The upper body and the backswing

This is going to require a video, but ponder this.

The backswing from the waist up consists of three movements that need to be cohesive.

1. The wrists hinge up
2. The arms rotate so the hands rotate 90*
3. The shoulders turn at 90* to the spine.

You do these things, you end up with what most would consider an excellent backswing.

If you do it correctly and individually in the order I listed, you will see a beautiful thing.

The hard part is doing them cohesively and that’s why we all stink.




  1. T.Peters

    Experimentimg a lot with this. Sometimes I seem to do it right. The problem is – what exactly did I do right?!

  2. Adam

    Can you elaborate on #2? I’m struggling with getting a consistent sequence after initial take away. Thanks!

  3. gothamgarage

    “2. The arms rotate so the hands rotate 90*”

    You may get people arguing with you about spine tilt, even against proof and personal experimentation. But #2 is what very few are talking about or even know to look for. You made such a difference for me in 30 seconds with this, and no TGM/S&T disciple even recognizes this!

  4. snaphooker

    Joe Dante’s old book “The 3 Magic Moves”.

    • erudd0h

      Dante had 4 Magic Moves, snap.

      • snaphooker

        I stand corrected. Good catch. Thanks.

  5. David

    #2 is about right arm external rotation right?

    Since external rotator muscles are usually weak for us folks working at a computer all day, would it be safe to say that moving your left hand as far as possible in front, above and to the right of your right shoulder while keeping your right elbow in front of your ribcage produce the external rotation? From playing around with a pen, it feels the same, except I get farther by pushing with the left arm instead of rotating with the right.

    Also, when I do it sitting(no spinal tilt), my 2 elbows nearly get on top of each other. Is this the correct feel I should be looking for?

  6. Calvin

    If I do these separately in sequence; Hinge wrists only, turn hands 90deg only and then rotate my shoulders around my spine I get to a great TOS. Blending is a bitch.

  7. SeanB

    Monte, have you seen the “Faldo pre-set drill” before?
    Would you say this accomplishes what you are talking about? (I’m trying to visualize it)

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not quite as good as my shoulder isolation drill, but yes, that is along the same lines.

  8. birly-shirly

    Agree on the three moves that need to be blended cohesively – but doesn’t there also need to be some arm lift as well as rotation?

  9. J.A.

    Would an example of the arms rotating so the hands are 90 degrees be like:

    Extend both arms out in front of the chest with palms of the hands facing each other. Then rotating both arms to the right (for right-handed golfers), so the left palm is now facing down and the right palm is facing up?


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