Tiger’s second shot in 13




  1. Morten

    Two comments.
    1 – Although I am entirely confident you meant to say Pull….that does actually involve 2 L’s. I didn’t realise Pul had a meaning in English until I looked it up (I’m simple) but it actually means f*ck in Norwegian (as in the act). Thought you’d enjoy saving that to the memory bank in case you encounter an attractive bird whilst holding a golf-school in Norway (you never know) 🙂

    2 – Either Tiger is really hurt or he is taking a leaf out of this guys book http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGnsH7K0Wyc (see 4:57) It could be the 3rd stage of syphilis….kinda fits in quite nicely 😀

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Mort. You made my day.

      Quite an unintended double entendre I made.

  2. JD

    Hilarious, I thought the same thing when he went down. Told everyone around me at the bar that I’d bet my house if he hit that shot to 3 feet there would have been no act.

  3. Henry Stevens

    Well I refuse to enter into the Tiger Lover vs Tiger Hater commentary prevalent elsewhere. And I do enjoy your outspoken commentary on the Tiger/Foley swing and award you points for things you have said that seem to be proving out.

    However, I have to say that I find your blog post about “faking it” to be a bit over the top. Let’s see what transpires this week to next. I root for Tiger. I root for Phil. I even have a few under dogs I root for (one of which was cut this past week). Basically I root for great golf. And I groan at good golf that just struggles to make a cut.

    I love your blog, Monte, so don’t take me as making a blast at you or anyone else.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You’re right, his whole act just really turns me off.

  4. Aleksi (@AleksiLepisto)

    Of course his back hurt. It had to deal with his neck snapping to the left to watch that thing fly to another zip code.

    • Julio R



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