Spine tilt at impact

Is like turning into a skid. Makes no logical sense, but when EVERY good player does it…

There are so few things that all good players exhibit. It’s ironic that I get the most dissenters on this.

I still don’t get how people can argue this point with me and say it makes no sense.




  1. Paul

    I would go so far as to say that ADDING some spine tilt coming into impact gets the left hip to bump forward at the proper time in the downswing, proper amount of shaft lean, an inline position, bacon strip divot, good stock trajectory and great compression. It’s that big of a deal.

    • Tin

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  2. Frank

    Fine line between covering the ball and staying behind the ball for a normal ball flight. At least for the average player as they use the upper torso to hit the ball and they bump rather than clear the left side.

  3. Copperjeff

    I think a lot of people wrongly believe that they should be trying to apply as much force as possible directly to the golf ball. Staying on top of the ball and hitting down on it feels very strong and aggressive. However, we know that you should be applying force through th golfball and maximum extension should come after the ball. I like to think in terms of a baseball player, have you ever seen a baseball hitter get his head in front of the ball when hitting? NO! Its about staying behind the ball, very similar to the golf swing. Have you ever seen a ball player have full extension at contact? Again, no, extension is towards the target.
    I think the fact that the ground is involved may screw up a lot of people. For a beginner, nothing is more embarassing than the “whiff”. If you let your upper body stay back it can feel like you are swinging up, and therefore may miss the ball. If you stay on top of the ball I think people are pretty confident they can make contact and are swinging down at the ball. If you took away the possibility of hitting the ground I think people would fear going straight under the ball with this approach, and might even out their swing.
    I also think the massive amount of bad information that Monte always rails about contributes too. When people constantly hear things like “cover the ball”, and “get to your left side” and “dont hang back”, they arent getting all of the information and it can lead to upper body forward.

    Hope this made sense and didnt seem like a rambling.

  4. Dickson Geoff

    Turning into a skid? I don’t understand the analogy.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      People have the instinct to reverse the skid and say “that makes no sense” when they are told to turn into it.

      Golf swing much the sam.

  5. Steve

    “Turning into a skid? …the analogy?”

    I’ve heard people try to make a baseball analogy…but maybe that’s just a personal “feel” that doesn’t translate well to somebody who doesn’t know what it is.

    So, rather than muddy the waters even further, I’ll just put up a LINK to Ritchie Scheinblum’s baseball card.


  6. ringerdaman

    Spine tilt changes where your shoulders can be. Without tilt at impact, you can hardly do anything else but come OTT.

  7. Aleksi (@AleksiLepisto)

    Do you think that spine tilt just helps to insure that the right hip moves out of the way so that the arms can come down more directly to the ball instead of out and around the body?

    I’ve just realized that if you just get your hips on your lead leg, and then just keep trying to push your weight there throughout the transition and downswing, your head stays back and your hips are completely out of the way of your arms. In other words, yes, you’re tilting back, but it’s fine because your hips are so far left you’re still coming down somewhat vertically?

  8. Tin

    I’ve spent 15 years chasing the forward shaft lean (substitue ‘chasing’ to ‘forcing’) and have finally achieved this through proper tilt @ impact. I smiled as I saw some vids during my lesson with Monte. Baffling that this is even questioned. Just curious Monte, were you taught this or did you come to this on your own?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Most good players do it automatically.

      When I looked at several thousand swings, I tried to look at patterns of what good players did and didn’t do.

      Instead of what modern instruction does and try to find the anomaly of one guy and tell everyone to do that as if that’s why he is good.

  9. Rex

    When I took some online lessons from Monte some time ago, he pointed out that I needed some spine tilt at address, but like Monte says, it didn’t make logical sense to me at that time. I felt like if I did that I was going to hit the ground behind the ball, and since I already had problems hitting fat irons, I thought having spine tilt at address would make things worse. After some time I’ve finally realized that having spine tilt at address helps me have spine tilt at impact because it helps keep me from standing up straight and raising my head. I’ll admit it still confuses me, but when I do have spine tilt at address and impact, I do hit the ball cleaner, so it does work! It would be great if Monte could do a video about spine tilt and why it works, even though it doesn’t make logical sense.


  10. peepee

    First shots adding tilt at address up on the range two nights ago. Immediate improvement in ball striking. First round yesterday; I had a hard time maintaining distance control; hitting half pitching wedges 120 yards. nice complaint to have 🙂 The ball contact is far better with this method. Thanks Monte.

  11. Caine

    Might make no sense but wow is it powerful.

    Gained an easy 15 yards a club and killer accuracy


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