Long drive numbers-getting ready for world championships

I am faster than I was last year by a wide margin.

Last week I maxed out at 137mph… Ball speed 203. Consistently 132-135. Last year I maxed out at 131 and was 128-130. So I am up 5 mph at all levels.

Problem is still with endurance. One day I played 18, had lunch and took 2 hours off, then maxed out at 130 and was 125-128. Still better than last year and earlier this year when I got tired, but it’s a problem.

I am not tiring as quickly or as much, but my max will beat about anyone in the 45 and over and I am near being competitive in the Open…but this gassing effect is bad.

Now I’m obviously not going to play 18, have Taco Bell, cool down for 2 hours and go hit in Mesquite…but I have done a similar warm up cool down and wait like will happen at worlds…and I still slow down to as low as 128 on session 3. As a frame of reference, last year in the losers bracket trying to make it in the quarter finals, I had probably slowed down to around 123.

I have the same speed as the top 2-3 guys now and I hit more good balls than they do, but I need to do a better job of hydrating and eating the right food…because when I do that…

I had a session yesterday where over a 2 hour period I maxed out, rested, cooled down and hit again, then did the same scenario again. I ate good proteins and drank water and didn’t exert myself when warming up.

I hit 18 balls (3 rounds worth). I hit 17 in an imaginary grid. Maxed out at 136 and 130 was the lowest…however, my last ball was 134 and was the best ball of the 3 sessions.

I have a month. Need to get that cardio up and eat right.




  1. phil

    Sounds promising Monte. Has that 25 pound weight drop been part of a fitness regime you are on? I lost about 18 lbs earlier this year, and I know that took a bit of self discipline.

  2. Bob

    Have you looked into beet juice yet? Some have had endurance gains with it.

  3. Christian

    You could try deer antler spray or 5-hour energy shots…just watch for any signs of heart attack…

  4. Will

    The best things you can do to increase the stamina for ld are things that mimic ld (bouts of explosive activity with rests in between) are hit a lot of ld balls, and some type of sprinting intervals (either running or on a bike, for example). Look up HIIT. You already mentioned diet and hydration. Those are huge, especially before and during the hitting session. Congrats on the progress!

  5. BigBoy.

    eat vegetarian till then, you’ll be surprised at how good you will feel and your stamina/health/cardio will excel.

  6. Kyle

    sounds like you need a 5 hour energy

  7. Andrew Tyler

    This gonna be on TV Monte? Would like to point at you and say “Hey, that guy helped me with my swing after he stopped laughing so hard.”

  8. Dickson Geoff


    I am not sure that cardio is the right word/concept.

    At technical level, you might be struggling with creatine phosphate recovery. During ‘balls out exercise’, you use alot of creatine. Creatine is essential as part of the ATP/ADP processes….ideally, you need to be able to replenish creatine stores.

    Short Sprint Interval Training (SIT) is key here. SIT consists of 4 to 7 “all out” 30 second sprint or cycling/rowing ergometer tests, separated by 4 minutes of recovery. I am not sure how well you can substitute golf swings for these exercises (i.e. 30 seconds of non-stop full speed, golf swing), but I hope you get the picture

    Basic message…long slow aerobic/cardio work won’t make a difference because it develops an energy system that is different from the one you utilise in golf. You need to training balls out for 30 seconds and then have a rest. Repeat. repeat, repeat.

    Good luck with it. I hope you swing well and fast.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Great stuff Geoff. I am doing something akin to that.

      • Geoff Dickson

        Explode. Relax. Explode more. Relax. Repeat x 4.

  9. Brett

    Very cool. The ReMax just got even more interesting. Good luck, Monte.

  10. Neil

    Great tips here on the HIIT and SIT. Those can make a real difference. I wouldn’t ever suggest you go all vegg though…. that is not the thing to do this close to worlds.

    Not sure what your sleep and eating patterns are, but if you try to eat every 3-4 hours (healthy whole foods, good proteins, nutrient dense foods/vegg, fruit) and sleep a good 8 hours a night (dark room, cell phone off/not in the room). Proper rest can have a big effect. If your are on a regular training routine/schedule, your body needs to recover too.

    Don’t start from a position of weakness… you wouldn’t do it with your golf swing. Don’t do it with your eating and sleeping. Meal timing and recovery are KEY. Over training can be lead to all kinds of very bad things both physically and mentally.

    PS. I found your blog a cpl days ago, all i can say is thank you! So much help, so little time, and so little BS… Can’t say thanks enough. You have a great thing going here. All the best. Keep up the great work!


  11. Neil C

    Anyone that tells you to do low intensity/long duration stuff is trying to hold you back.

    HIIT is what you need. Along with a health dose of powerlifting, if you can handle the soreness (meaning it won’t interfere with what your short term goals are).

  12. Dan

    Good luck Monty….I abide to following…lift heavy, run fast and eat clean.

  13. E

    Check out the Paleo Diet. Novak Djokovic had problems with stamina until he switched.

  14. David

    Echo the Paleo recommendation here. I ( then fanatical squash player, occasional marathon runner, cyclist ) went down that road 5 years ago. Started sleeping like a baby, no stiffness the day after, stable slow-burning energy levels with no crashes, quicker recovery. Can take a couple of weeks ” carb flu ” as the body converts to using fat as the main energy source so wouldn’t do it just before Worlds though ! Echo also the HIIT recommendation, just what you need.


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