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  1. Brett

    I’d love to see you write about footwork. I need all of the details – set up (right foot square?, open or square stance, etc.), weight distribution, where the weight goes on the backswing (heel, inside of foot, etc.), what happens with your feet as you downswing and follow through. I vary my approaches way too much with what I do with my feet. Thanks.

  2. Calvin

    When my fellow hacks clip dandelions they are free and easy and fluid but when they clip Mr. PROV1 they are locked up tight from the armpits down. Why? And what is a real way to cure the rigidity? Without regard to golf-itiical correctness.

    • woody

      “When my fellow hacks clip dandelions they are free and easy and fluid but when they clip Mr. PROV1 they are locked up tight from the armpits down. Why?”

      That is a great question, with far-reaching implications for golf instruction. I can’t say that I have the final answer, but I’ll have a crack at it:

      First, there is absolutely no self-imposed pressure (and therefore no tension), no expectations, no fear of failure, when swinging at a dandelion.

      So, all of the golf-swing thoughts go out the window, and the body reverts to its default mode of operation, the one you have been learning unconsciously since you were a toddler.

      I can almost guarantee you that if your friends were closely approached by a wiley coyote on the golf course, nobody would be over-the-top when swinging at it with a driver.

  3. Ulf

    50 ways to shorten your swing

  4. YellowTrash

    I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on hand height at address and impact. I’m still not quite sure what my best arm to shaft angle needs to be and was wondering if there were some tips to find it. Also, what are the consequences of having too steep or flat of a shaft angle?

    • Kyle

      I’d also like to hear this, I’ve seen your high hands video but I still consistently dig with the toe and my clubs are already 2* up

  5. ryan

    Tiger’s new take away

  6. Wally

    I would like to se you write about the truth about golf equipment. What sucks, and what really helps at different levels.
    I think I play just well with Persimmons as I do the new stuff is because I really don’t swing fast enough to take advantage of all that M.O.I. stuff

  7. Bob

    How to go from the Rhythm, Handset, and Release drill to a full swing.
    It seems like everything I do more or extra or quicker nets no improvement.
    When I go after it more, tension creeps in and the release is slower.
    Help! Thanks Monte.

  8. theebdk

    Ditto Brett: Footwork

  9. MIke Z

    You have written about rolled-back shoulders. I am curious for more detail on this topic, since I fear it is an easy thing to really misunderstand.

    Also, I am curious to learn more about grip – whether there are any fundamentals that apply to either a textbook-style grip or a uniquely individual grip that are a must for a good swing.

  10. hank

    Monte, how about a grip lesson? I find that I can smoke shot after shot, with no effort, if I keep my grip pressure very light, but with enough pressure to hold onto the club. THis is something I always forget about when I’m having striking issues.

    It would be great to have more than “4 on a scale of 1-10”. Something where we can all be on the same baseline of “feel”….thanks

  11. Wenis

    The proper transition from top of backswing to beginning of downswing – I find it very hard to nail this, and when I don’t the results are not encouraging.

  12. Jason

    Calvin, that’s called trying to hit the golf ball instead of swinging to the target. That’s what we do when we make practice shots. We swing to a target nice and relaxed. I think this grip pressure thing, hold it like a bird, toothpaste, ect is garbage. That promotes grip breaking down, wear issues just to name a few. If you start at 5/10 starting pressure, you central nervous system automactically increases that as you swing to 8/10. Nothing wrong with this. There is good tension and band tension.

    • woody

      I’ve heard more pros say that the ball is the target, not the target on the course. You might not have guessed this, but Annika was one of them.

      The target on the golf course is taken care of by club selection and alignment. Trust it.

    • woody

      But…you have somewhat of a point. This is my Moe Norman study-year, and he did say, “Golf is played in front of you, not behind you.”

      I seem to putt, chip, and full-swing better when I visualize the blur of the ball moving away on the line I’ve picked out.

      Kind of like another Moe quotation: “Winners see what they want.” That helps to make it happen.

  13. Jason

    That’s the thing about pros…………swingcrack dealers……LOL.
    If the ball is your target, man that’s a recipe for tension. A lot of people that are OTT are too ball focused. Think about it, the most efficient way to hit a ball is OTT if the ball is your target, like chopping a tree from a too steep angle. I would like to see Monte talking about feels that generate consistancy.

  14. Chad Abbs

    I would like to hear, what your theory is on where the wrist needs to be at the top of the back swing, should it be flat, should it be cupped?

  15. Jason

    I would like to see advice with different types of clubs, Driver, Woods, Hybrids vs long irons, wedges.

  16. Ron I

    Hitting a 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, SW a 100 yds. How to feel or play clubs the same distance!!


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