Tiger round 1 and his swing.

Tiger has always dropped his head, even in his dominant years. There is a tipping point where it doesn’t affect him on one side and affects him greatly on the other.

In 2000, he had very little of it most of the time.

When he had a small amount, he usually hit it perfect, when he had a lot, it was often sideways.

He has a lot less of an issue with short clubs and has a huge issue with the driver.

He had an issue with it with Haney, when it got really bad at times.

His shoulder turn is too vertical on the downswing and it is so bad on some swings (especially when he swings hard), it is causing early extension.

HOWEVER…the shoulder turn is better than it was the last time he played…so maybe there is some hope.

I still don’t like this takeaway for him.

His short game is not good for him and his putting is worse…and it’s because he is working too hard to make a swing that doesn’t fit him work…and not enough on his short game.

He has admitted that.

I sound like a broken record, but I don’t believe he has enough tilt at address. Combine that with his effort to be centered, that is creating a sensation where he wants to get behind the ball and that is why his head is moving so much away from the target when he gets to impact.

Some of that is not terrible, but Tiger is moving his head so much in so many directions, it is going to be hard for him to get any consistency.




  1. woody

    I think Tiger’s attitude is worse than his swing, and will hurt him more. So, they cover this guy all day, and what did he give Maltby…a two-word interview?

    Let’s see, T86, six shots back, and got thumped soundly by his amateur playing partner. Could he come back with a good round and make the cut? Sure, you never know. He could also blow up.

    His swing? They played side-by-side swings from various years. I’m not seeing a significant difference. Play side-by-side Tom Watsons or Tom Kites. Both versions were successful.

    I don’t mind watching him be mediocre, but the kinks could probably be ironed-out with more competitive play.

  2. cdnmike

    I am so TIRED of couch commentators complaining about Tiger’s attitude. Put yourself in his shoes. I think he handles it quite well. Woody, you wouldn’t do any better with it.

    I also don’t think that Tiger dipping his head is easily corrected, especially by a swing coach. He knows he shouldn’t do it, he works on not dipping it, yet he still does it in competition. Maybe he has played too many rounds with Barkley.

    • woody

      No point in making it personal. Why waste blog space? Your comments about his swing were appropriate.

      “Put yourself in his shoes…” I guess he’s a victim. Let’s see…hookers, porn stars, VIP chicks, groupies, and the neighbor girl…while he was married. Maybe in another life I’ll be able to put myself in his shoes.

  3. cdnmike

    By “put yourself in his shoes”… I meant always answering the same questions about your swing and everything else. Same questions every single interview and not playing well. So, same old questions + frustration of not playing well = short answers sometimes. I know I would lose it every now and then if I was him. If you could handle it better you must be a saint. Cast the first stone my friend.

    • woody

      Your mental game affects your physical game. Show me a club-thrower who didn’t burn-out.

      If I were Tiger’s mental guru, here’s a comment I’d like to hear: “A bad day at the golf course is better than a great day at the office.” It would mean that he’s enjoying what he’s doing, without the necessity of beating everyone. I think that would mean that he was in good shape to conquer his golf demons too.

      Or, maybe I’ve got it all wrong. I’ll see how he did today.

      • Charlie

        Ya Tommy Bolt totally flamed out.. and now that I think of it so did Arnold Palmer.. both notorious club throwers.

  4. Calvin

    Speaking of someone who graciously answers the same old questions time after time after time; David Duval is playing well again. Go David.

    • cdnmike

      You’re joking, right? When Duval was 1-2 years into his struggles after being number 1 he was often short with reporters.

      • Calvin


      • cdnmike

        ??? ?

        I’m saying Duval wasn’t gracious when he was 1-2 years into his struggles after being #1.

  5. TonyK

    Hi Monte, as a Tiger fan I had high hopes for this tournament and was looking forward to seeing if I could notice anything different in his swing. I don’t have the most discerning eye when it comes to golf swings but, I really think because Tiger has already gone so far down the wrong path while under Haney, most of the changes he makes now will lead to marginal improvements at best. I still get that strong feeling of uneasiness when watching him hit shots on TV.


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