You need a minimum level of swing competence

for the level of golf you play.

That includes a swing that feels good, is easy to reproduce without much thought and produces fair results.

Obviously, all three of those qualities are relative to skill level, but that is what you need to have minimum swing competence.

Those are the three things you should be searching for. Not aesthetics…who gives a rodents butt how many people tell you how pretty your swing is. I have been hearing it for years and it didn’t help me a lick.

It is also not relevant how your swing stands up to some vague and arbitrary notion of what is correct.

About the above two things…very few people know what they are looking at in a golf swing and there is no such thing as correct.

1. Feels good
2. Easy to reproduce
3. Gives good results.

Once you achieve a minimum level of competence in those three things, it’s all about learning to play your best golf.

Until you achieve those three things, your best golf is not a completely mental process.

Right now, I have #1. #2 and #3 are still day to day, so I am not quite there. Having #1 for me is huge, I have not had good feel in a long time and that is why I am starting to throw some numbers up here and there.

As soon as #2 and #3 get a little more consistent, I will be ready to do some damage in tournaments again.




  1. Wally

    I am watching the golf channel and I just saw “the worlds nuber one golfer Luke Donald” miss a putt of ONE FOOT. Which only proves my theory that anyone can really suck at any given time

  2. Wally

    This is your best post

  3. woody

    Tournament success = short game.


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