What to think about when you chip and putt?

What do you think about when you toss a crumpled piece of paper into the trash?

What would you think about if you were tossing an egg under handed across the room to someone?

Now you know what to think about when you chip and putt. I am not talking about scooping or any other mechanical thought. I am talking about just looking at the distance to where you are tossing something and “feeling” how hard to toss it.




  1. s.

    Piece of paper in trash = weight on balls of feet, inside-square-to-inside, short back & long through, keep head still, don’t pronate wrist….SWISH!

    • Husker

      Underhand or overhand (sidearm? submarine?)? See Monte – there’s lots to think about.

  2. Calvin D

    I really like this because it’s very intuitive and natural.
    It’s got me thinking of the club as a “long finger”. 🙂

  3. rojoass

    You’re right Monte . Think about it & chances are you’ll stink it up. Just do it.
    The gurus are gonna not like you. It’s too simple. They can’t make any $$ with simple stuff.


  4. Bob34

    I take it one step further and think that way for every shot. I’d also say overhand, underhand, sidearm, doesn’t matter. Do it whatever way or feel gives you the results you’re looking for.

    In any other sport, we don’t go through a conscious mental checklist to do something. If we want to hit a forehand topspin lob in tennis we have an instant to decide to do that then just do it. We either do it good or not when playing. We practise it to do it good more often than not but even then there’s not a lot of thought, just trying different ways to do it good. Tennis coachs don’t spend a lot of time on positions, just basic stuff and then it’s all about if the ball goes where it’s supposed as hard as you want it to. Should be the same in golf…


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