Forcing versus allowing

For the better part of a year, I have been working on releasing the club better with varying levels of success.

In the last few weeks I have learned something about allowing versus forcing things to happen. Just like trying to force lag is bad because it’s not a natural move, forcing the natural move to happen can also be problematic.

I know all of you in your own way are saying…

“Monte what the (expletive deleted) are we supposed to do then.”

This is exactly why forcing the opposite of the problem and/or over exaggerating the issue is a bad idea. You familiarize yourself with the feel of how it is supposed to work and practice allowing that feel to create itself.

Mike Weir’s half back swing is an example of this.

For example, I practice the “plane and release by feel” drill a few times and then hit a few balls trying to recreate that feel. That is what the driving range is for. Practicing feels that you can repeat automatically on the course.

Our need for immediate gratification ruins our ability to get better.




  1. s.

    “Mike Weir’s half back swing”

    I’m thinking that this has nothing to do with plane. If it did, I’m at a complete loss to explain how he could have been so successful.

    I’m guessing that it has more to do with sequence…takeaway with body turn rather than with hands, arms, and shoulders.

    People might say that his shoulders are starting first, but that’s because they’re on a turntable. A torso turn will move shoulders also.

    I believe I’ve seen Mahan do this too.

  2. Falcondriver

    So what is Anthony Kim doing with his pre-shot routine? Working on taking everything back together or working on setting the club on plane?

    • s.

      Judging from Kim’s GC “Playing Lesson,” at that time, plane had nothing to do with his backswing.

      At the top, he said that he wanted to “feel like my left shoulder is going over my right knee. It never really makes it, but that’s the feel I need.”

      (He didn’t mention plane having anything to do with his downswing either.)


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