The worst club test

We all have one club in our bag that is horrid and we don’t even know why we carry it (putters don’t count 😀 ).

These clubs can serve a purpose. When you are working on something that you think is a miracle cure for your game, bring out Old Unfaithful and see if you hit that well.

For me, it’s any hybrid club. So I purposely have one in my bag to test out what I am working on.




  1. s.

    Hybrids…I’ve never had one, but my theory is that pros use them because of the lower ball flight (than a FW), to stay out of the wind.

    Probably amateurs like them because the shorter shaft favors the more common swing flaws.

    • Mike from Canada


      Hybrids have a much higher ball flight than a long iron. They are easier to hit and land soft. That’s why a lot of the pros are using them as well as amateurs.

  2. rojoass

    Well I broke down & bought a 3 & 4 hybrid. I blame it on Father time.

    I actually fell in love with em. Nickent(sp)from e-bay 2010 models & paid $78 for both including shipping. Still in shrink wrap.

    I figured I couldn’t go wrong at that price. I could always smack somebody with em if the love fades………….

    ps…….I like my Krank Driver so much I ordered a 3 wood last week

  3. Christian

    I love my hybrid. I think it is a “draw biased” club because it is the only thing that I can hit a draw with. I think that is why amateurs (e.g. high handicappers like me) like them. Everything else can be going 45 degrees right and I’ll rip tight little draws with the hybrid. Definitely masking some swing flaws there :-).

    My worst club is my 3 wood. The snow is starting to melt up here so I may actually be able to hit a club outside of the garage soon (where I only have room for wedges). We’ll see how this winter’s work stands up to the 3 wood test…

  4. Calvin D

    I don’t know about worst but my 4 iron never comes out of the bag.
    Don’t know if I can hit it or not. 3 and 5 irons get a workout every round. 4 might as well stay in the garage. What does that mean?

    • S.

      “What does that mean?”

      Maybe you play the same place a lot, and you don’t leave yourself with the distance that requires a 4-iron?

      • Calvin D

        Nope. I see lots of 4 iron distances. I’ll hit a 3 or a 5 depending on elevation, wind, etc. My 4 iron is like that kid that always got chosen last in pickup baseball games. I hit it on the range tho and it seems fine. Maybe it’s avoiding me.

  5. Wally

    Ameteurs’ play with way too many irons. They spent too much time thinking about which club to use then shank the stupid thing anyway. Can you imagine a prize fighter spending that much time thinking about what punch to throw? A downhill skier being that anal going through the slalom gates? No, only in golf, we are smarter than the rest. Try taking only seven clubs plus putter, I bet that you play better….

    • Will

      I can see your point on one hand. But on the other hand, wouldn’t having less clubs cause the unskilled player to think more, now that they have to figure out what kind of shot to hit, to say nothing of the unskilled golfer lacking the skills to hit the variety of shots necessary to play with a limited amount of clubs.

      As a representative of the aforementioned unskilled population, it would be way more difficult to try to hit some kind of partial shot or something than just pulling a club based on a fullish swing. Having a yardage and a corresponding club is a much easier and quicker decision, and involves a much higher percentage shot, IMO.

      That said, it could be different for a better player than myself…

  6. rojoass

    Wally is my hero

  7. gwlee7

    I don’t have a worst club. I can put a bad swing on any club and ususally it’s at the worst time. 🙂


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