The Twitter Wars

Apparently, Sean Foley and Hank Haney are having a back and forth on Twitter.

The root word of the medium they are communicating through is applicable to both. Can these two be any more second grade? I know I sound like a hypocrite for as much criticism as I dole out to the gurus, but I am not engaged in a public “I know you are, but what am I,” debate.

I feel like this childish exchange pretty much proves the point I have been making about Foley, Haney and the other “experts” that have been corrupting our minds with their marketing schemes.

I find their war of words akin to monkeys throwing feces at each other in the zoo. Forgive the crude analogy, but when I think of big named gurus and their swing systems…feces is the first thing that comes to my mind.

I predicted that Tiger would struggle under Haney and not win any majors in 2009 and that he would get rid of Haney. He did something bad at all 4 majors that he had never done before in his career. Four different bad things. Bogeying the last two holes at Augusta when he had a chance to win. A bad back nine when in contention at the US Open. Missing the cut at The Open (his other missed cut in a major was when his dad died). Losing a final round lead at the PGA.

IMO, Tiger will struggle and struggle badly at the majors this year. Aside from St. Andrews, The Open is the major where Tiger has had the most problems in his career. By the time The Open Championship is over, so will Tiger’s relationship with Foley.

I do agree with both of them about one thing. They both said the other one is clueless and bad for Tiger.




  1. rojoass

    I hope you’re right

  2. Mike from Canada

    I hope you’re wrong. I want Tiger to succeed under Foley and I think he can. Haney is a douche. Foley has to stick up for himself a little after the way he is being attacked lately. And Monte, what makes you the expert? So a couple bad coaches f’ed up your swing. That doesn’t mean all coaches are bad or any coach that deviates from the norm is a “guru” and will f’ up Tiger’s swing. How can Mahan, Rose and O’Hair do so well with Foley and Tiger is not? First, it’s early and second, Tiger is putting like SHIT!!

    For a guy that spends most of his time critisizing others on this blog, you shouldn’t be surprised when Foley defends himself. If people started critisizing you, where would you defend yourself? … Right on these pages.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You like Foley and his ideas and that is your opinion. I do not and that is mine.

      You keep taking it personally that I don’t like what Foley is teaching Tiger.

      • Mike from Canada

        I’m not taking it personally. You just seem like a very negative person. I personally think you like watching Tiger struggle. You wouldn’t be alone, a lot of people are like that.

        You seem to think you have all the answers even though, you yourself struggle with your swing. Sure, right now you think you have found something but that doesn’t mean you won’t be searching for answers a year from now. It’s very easy to critisize when sitting at your computer chair.

        Don’t you stop to think for a minute that Tiger might know what he’s doing. I mean you are critisizing one of, if not thee, best players in the history of golf. Let him at least play one season before you jump all over Tiger and his coach.

        I personally want Tiger to succeed, so yeah, it pisses me off when someone in the business, such as yourself jumps all over him when he hasn’t even played a major yet and his putting is obviously the biggest problem. Did you see how many irons Tiger hit within 12 feet at Doral?

        Monte, if you were coaching Tiger, people would be all over you because he is struggling and I gaurantee you would be defending yourself in the media.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        People criticize me all the time. Have you read GolfWrx? I am not a negative person at all, ask anyone that knows me, or most of the people that read this blog.

        I do have a very course sense of humor.

        As far as Tiger, you are way off base. I have written many articles on the Tour being more interesting when he plays well, which is why I have been so critical of Haney.

        If I was coaching Tiger and he was playing poorly, I would expect the criticism.

        IMO, Tiger’s ego got in the way of “knowing what he was doing” when he left Butch. His swing has steadily deteriorated since he left him.

        I have a blog, I write opinions on golf. Wouldn’t it be boring if everything I wrote sounded like Mary Poppins coined it.

  3. s.

    Foley should keep a low profile, at least until Tiger does something that he can take credit for.

    It might be overload when Tiger starts swinging, asking himself, “Am I me? Am I Butch? Am I Hank? Am I Sean?”

    And, halfway back, “Oh no! I started as Hank! Should I switch to Sean, or continue as Hank?”

  4. Calvin D

    I seem to remember that Jack had a similar slump and finally recovered his form. Then again, Tiger might wind up on the porch with Duval, Rogers and Norman. It happens.

  5. carrera

    I think Tiger’s swing change process is interesting to watch, and since pro golf is a form of entertainment, that is all the better for me (and other interested observers). Should be especially the case for anyone who has an interest in swing technique…like readers of this blog, Golfwrx, Manzella etc.

  6. Calvin D

    Besides Tiger both Phil and Ernie seem to have entered their twilight stages. I would favor Tiger for future majors. Hogan was around 40 when he peaked and Tiger has or at least had the same kind of drive.
    It will be fun to watch it play out and I don’t believe coaches will have much to do with it. Tiger to me is a repulsive human being but damn he can play some golf and he is really important to the tour..

    • Michael

      He’s gotten night and day better from the last time I saw him play and interact with the crowd in person.

      09 Bay Hill – Ignore everyone unless you hit them with a ball. Then apologize, give them a ball.

      11 Tavistock – Smiling, thanking fans after making birdie or a nice up and down. Made eye contact when he said thanks.

      That being said, someone get that guy a putting arc or a Momentus IDL. His putting is dismal right now.

      • Mike from Canada

        That’s what I have been saying……… Tiger’s driving distance in 2011 is 14th and his GIR is 30th. His putting and scrambling is terrible!! That’s why Foley is taking too much flak right now for Tiger’s struggling. Tiger is struggling really bad around the greens. That is not Foley’s department.

        On the other side…. when Tiger turns it around Foley will get too much credit. Once Tiger’s short game gets back to where it was, Tiger will be back to winning all of the time.


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